Havana (LIVE at the 61st GRAMMYs)

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, February 12, 2019
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  • Source: https://youtu.be/7KF8J3z4enY


  • Darkrai 980

    Darkrai 980

     2 months ago +15884

    Leaving Fifth Harmony was the best thing she could have done.

  • Kyla Hearts

    Kyla Hearts

     1 months ago +8620

    Demi wasn’t lying when she said the girls should learn something from Camila.

  • Laila Wuu

    Laila Wuu

     2 months ago +6911

    "Señorita" 62 nd GRAMMYs 🤗🤗🤗😍😍😍😍

  • ItzBocaBitch


     2 months ago +6236

    And that's how you keep a song alive. No matter how many times she sings it, it's always interesting. She keeps finding new ways to not perform but PRESENT it. Creativity and artistry at it's finest.

  • Renata Pesce

    Renata Pesce

     1 months ago +1472

    Do you prefer Camila...
    in fifth harmony(comment)

  • Tab_arts


     2 months ago +2678

    I’m not latin but I FELT the latin fire through the screen and It was AMAZING

  • Alex Fascinated

    Alex Fascinated

     1 months ago +1631

    When I saw those shoes I was like

  • Angel Garza

    Angel Garza

     1 months ago +2800

    3:43 the newspaper says “build bridges not walls” lowkey they good for detail

  • Iliris Nénuphar

    Iliris Nénuphar

     1 months ago +2456

    Lele pons in the back is getting frustrated by not being on the scene and it's amazing 😂😂😂😂

  • Laylin Lon

    Laylin Lon

     2 months ago +2987

    Whose here after Señoritaaa!! I'm just having a Camila marathon

  • Mr Joker

    Mr Joker

     1 months ago +1137

    we just gon ignore the fact that j balvin was holding that newspaper since the beginning of the performance

  • Dani Bernardino

    Dani Bernardino

     1 months ago +527

    Viva los latinos!

  • Scotland GÖYARD

    Scotland GÖYARD

     2 days ago +19

    Thug really had an hour to get ready for this after getting released from custody, legend.

  • OscarTV Online

    OscarTV Online

     3 days ago +16

    I've seen things that made me catch my breath. Then I saw this and I don't know if I'm ever gonna breath again. This girl Camilla Cabello is adorable! The choreography is out of this world. How did they put that together in a live stage performance? Igweeee!

  • Sevim Gokmen

    Sevim Gokmen

     1 months ago +706

    This girl really knows how to hype up a crowd 😂😂
    In conclusion:
    Camila is a queen 👸🏻👑

  • des n

    des n

     1 months ago +336

    Woah thats probably one of the best performances in the last few years like wtf

  • Lina Guerra

    Lina Guerra

     4 months ago +6190

    she brought latin-america to the grammys AND I AM PROUD!

  • D Flor

    D Flor

     2 months ago +661

    Can we just acknowledge the ‘old lady’ in the background dancing 😂

  • chickens ._.

    chickens ._.

     1 months ago +261

    like how young thug just walks off the stage like he doesn’t care he’s in the grammys

  • ii_DonutLily


     1 months ago +516

    Why does she sound so much better live....?
    edit 1: ........thanks for liking this...and thanks for the likes... lol......