twenty one pilots - Two - Piece (Episode 01 - Regional at Best: The Web Series)

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  • Published on:  Thursday, June 23, 2011
  • Episode 01 - "Two - Piece"twenty one pilots and Reel Bear Media present "Regional at Best: The Web Series." Nick comes to terms with life ambitions and expectations and shares his thoughts on a potential career with the band. Subscribe for more official content from twenty one pilots: Store: Site: #TOP #RegionalAtBest #BehindTheScenes #bts #FueledByRamen
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  • trinity

     4 years ago

    "I just wonder if we can put on enough of a show with two people."Little would they know...

  • Henry Zhang

     3 months ago

    @1-7 well and it is still way better than lots of the mainstream singer's live shows, I went to their london's show for the first time, it was just so energetic, really phenomenal, I can see they are really passionate about live shows

  • 1-7

     3 months ago

    That they cant? Today they perform with backing vocals, and even lip sync lead vocals with newer songs like Chlorine and Bandito, nearly all instruments played thru backing tracks. You pay almost $200 for a light show and dancing except for the obvious of Josh drumming and Tyler singing, but like I said, he skips out on singing too. I like nearly everything else about them and what they do, I like their songs, I like where they've been and who they are, I like the moments they have at shows, TRENCH is ...

  • Corn

     3 years ago

    "I think we can do it." You have no idea, Tyler. You have no idea.

  • Nicos Blood

     1 months ago

    Oh shit, that hit me hard even after two years lmao

  • jiminIsbeautyjiminIsgraceIwantjiminsnutonmyface

     1 years ago

    Corn had

  • Val

     3 years ago

    "I think we can do it"I think you did it.

  • It’s Callie

     1 months ago

    Nico Schuyler we did it.

  • Nico Schuyler

     1 months ago

    He did it, they did it

  • Abby Inman

     2 years ago

    It makes me sad when I see younger Tyler doubting himself

  • cherokeerose5

     27 days ago

    it makes me happy cos look at em now

  • Aaron Hyde

     9 months ago

    It's crazy seeing how they went from a "Fairly Local" band to having the biggest fan-base on Earth

  • lauren s.

     3 years ago

    Hello to everyone that's binge watching old TØP stuff.

  • Seth paswaters

     1 months ago

    lauren s. Same

  • Nicos Blood

     1 months ago


  • Alexandria Blue

     3 years ago

    "I just, I wonder if we can put on enough of a show with two people."4 years laterSells out Madison Square Garden.

  • Mcarroll

     2 months ago

    And,,, recently, sold out 3 Wembley dates

  • stillmikaela

     8 months ago

    three times might i add !!

  • A. del Rosario

     3 years ago

    I'm really not going to lie, this made me tear up a bit. They didn't even realize how big the two of them would get, and now, four years later, they're performing at big time shows like the recent VMAs. Even though I discovered them only a little over a year ago, they've taken over my life. They've given me purpose and worth. Even though they struggled in the beginning, they're the reason why I'm alive. So thank you, twenty one pilots. |-/

  • regionalatdema

     2 days ago

    they won a fucking grammy im so proud of them...i've seen them 3 times, 4 soon and almost all of those are sold out

  • Not The Queen Of England

     3 years ago

    It's awesome to realize that there are so many people that feel exactly the same way. I've discovered them for myself only a week ago and I couldn't be more greatful, I've been battling depression for years now and they are the only band that make me feel better and smile. What I'm saying is that just like you, they've taken over my life as well and made me wanna live... There's a clear reason for why they're so successfull.

  • TheWeekendarz

     5 years ago

    basketball and singing. I'm convinced Tyler is secretly Troy Bolton

  • HuMan bEing

     4 months ago

    TheWeekendarz O MY GOD UR RIGHT :O

  • Twenty One Grapes

     2 years ago

    "But I think we can do it" Tyler Joseph 2011 talking about losing one of his band members "We Did It" Tyler Joseph talking in front of 18,200 people at Madison Square Garden Arena in 2016

  • Delete My Account

     1 years ago

    I can’t breathe I’m literally in a ball on the floor 😭😭😭

  • Delete My Account

     1 years ago

    Hello I’m now physically, literally crying on my floor.

  • Twenty Paphonies

     2 years ago

    The fact that this video - our first glimpse at the two piece band we love - has less views than some fan edits and covers...  Wow.  This is the clique.  The true clique.  The clique that will support eachother, and help eachother survive.

  • maylin ø

     6 months ago


  • cat-urn 45

     7 months ago

    @My taste in music is your blurryface same