Locked in a Coffin for $1000

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  • Published on:  Thursday, February 28, 2019
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  • Source: https://youtu.be/6zZ2LDUDmjI


  • I_stan_too_many_bands


     5 months ago +3091

    Excuse me but I swear not having a password on your phone when you work in an office with a bunch of comedians is just asking to be screwed with????

  • frank unodostres

    frank unodostres

     5 months ago +2409

    raph is the only one with common sense: WHY IS YOUR PHONE NOT LOCKED?!?!

  • Mica Francesca

    Mica Francesca

     5 months ago +131


  • Ezra Bernstein

    Ezra Bernstein

     5 months ago +176

    Was I the only one wondering what she would do if she had to use the bathroom???

  • frank unodostres

    frank unodostres

     5 months ago +875

    she is probably used to being in a closet for a long time...
    that's all I have for now

  • Hannah Mandryk

    Hannah Mandryk

     5 months ago +397

    Does Katy bring her dog in a lot? Because I am declaring that the final straw in the argument that College Humor is the best office ever.

  • Parrish Sam-Tjoe

    Parrish Sam-Tjoe

     5 months ago +138

    Somebody get Grant's grindr account that has to be a video on its own

  • Wealthbuilderz TV

    Wealthbuilderz TV

     5 months ago +310

    I didn’t think they would have a whole funeral to go along with it. That is crazy. Lmao 😂

  • Braden Varro

    Braden Varro

     5 months ago +2439

    Wonder how many twinks are trying to find grant on grindr now.

  • Sequency


     5 months ago +56

    I would do this for a Kit-Kat bar no lie.

  • Lim Lam

    Lim Lam

     5 months ago +337

    She literally looks like an oompa loompa, orange with green hair...
    Was that on purpose?

  • Makkhabb


     5 months ago +125

    The Roast of Grant O'Brien...

  • Javier Burgos

    Javier Burgos

     5 months ago +598

    She wasnt buried at all. She was just locked inside a coffin in the open for less than 8 hours with a big breathing hole and a sandwich. It doesnt seem such hardship for a 1000 $ tbh...

  • Philip Zeplin

    Philip Zeplin

     5 months ago +2320

    Question: How bad is loan debt in the US?
    Answer: I got buried alive for a thousand bucks.

  • Thomas Scott

    Thomas Scott

     5 months ago +46

    I would start to hyperventilate after 1 minute. I would hate not being able to move for that long for any amount of money.

  • WateverWatever04


     5 months ago +37

    Is anyone surprised that Grant is into twinks?

  • Treebeardshome


     5 months ago +31

    A dozen tennis balls for Katie’s dog just isn’t enough. 🥎🐕

  • Elise Staulen

    Elise Staulen

     5 months ago +5

    I wonder if Grant has been listening too much to “Bury a friend” by Billie Eilish haha

  • Daniel Sambar

    Daniel Sambar

     5 months ago +3090

    bro, I’d do this for $5.

  • Gaming Gumba

    Gaming Gumba

     5 months ago +16

    Don’t deny it Grant, we know you’re into bears.
    We all saw the schining.