Playing Diablo Summons the Devil

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  • Published on:  Saturday, January 19, 2019
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  • CollegeHumor


     7 months ago +36

    More Um, Actually available right now on DROPOUT to watch from the comfort of your weird spiky black and red gamer chair! Start your free trial now:

  • PizzaRyan 2487

    PizzaRyan 2487

     7 months ago +496

    Umm, actually... Goku did not learn the Kamahamaha Wave in Dragon Ball Z. Thus this question was about Dragon Ball.

  • shyguymalta


     7 months ago +260

    Um actually Winston isn't a gorilla, he's a SCIENTIST

  • Natalie


     7 months ago +251

    You should have a segment called "Stranger than fiction" Where the contestants have a board of a few fictional worlds and one picture of a country on earth. Then you read out some statements, all correct, about anything in either the fake worlds or the real world. They can be explaining a law, a scientific concept, describing a species, or even about a food. They just cant mention anything that would truly give it away like using the word "klingons" or "humans", you should just say "The inhabitants of this world have a government in which..." or "commonly eat a food made of..." Then they guess which one goes with which world! Ps somebody named tracy H also commented that they could just have to guess which ones are real or fake and its bonus points if someone can get the correct country/franchise

  • shadebug


     7 months ago +26

    The colour grading seems to be getting worse episode by episode. I fully expect the next season to just be a call of duty game

  • Fry LXVII

    Fry LXVII

     7 months ago +24

    We need to nerf Ify. He's too powerful.

  • Red X

    Red X

     7 months ago +36

    Um actually, Goku learned the Kamehameha in Dragonball, the series before DBZ

  • TheHassassin


     7 months ago +127

    Um actually first the move is technically called the Kamehameha wave, and goku technically learns it on his own by just seeing master roshi use it

  • LoonaticX


     7 months ago +122

    Um actually, Ra's Al Ghul is pronounced RAYSH ALL GHOUL. The name means "The Demon's Head"

  • Naptime875


     7 months ago +22

    Umm actually is the video quality, brightness, or something else is off with this video?

  • Film Cram!

    Film Cram!

     7 months ago +15

    Who did your contrast/saturation levels in the edit? looks a bit greyed out this episode!

  • Drgn8D


     7 months ago +7

    "For the last time, I'M SWEDISH!!!" - some dwarf

  • thearabest2


     7 months ago +59

    Um actually RA'S AL GHUL comes from Arabic and it's actually spelt راس ال غول

  • KappaScopeZZ


     7 months ago +58

    but why are there multiple cube pokéballs

  • Mental Quill

    Mental Quill

     7 months ago +10

    That 21 sided die is bugging me, omg

  • Mediocre And Worse

    Mediocre And Worse

     7 months ago +29

    Playing Sorry! summons the people you've let down
    The Devil doesn't seem so threatening

  • Mayumi Long

    Mayumi Long

     4 days ago +1

    Lol oh my god Ify is so fucking hilarious. Him and Brennan make the show for me. Plus Mike’s kindness as a host is 10/10.

  • Peter Clive

    Peter Clive

     21 days ago +2

    Um,Actually Torbjorn is pronounced turb-yurn.

  • Larry Lewinsohn

    Larry Lewinsohn

     7 months ago +28

    In the first question, there are 3 characters from D1 in the ruins of Tristram, Deckard Cain, Griswold and WIRT, ok, he is dead but so is Griswold technically and both are still there.

  • fligglebobbin


     4 months ago +1

    I know I'm 2.5 months late to this vid but these 3 dudes riffed so well off each other, especially Ify.