The Truth about Video Games and Violence - Adam Ruins Everything

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, January 23, 2019
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  • Coldite


     6 months ago +1144

    Kid shoots up school
    School lets blame videogames instead of these bullys that have been bullying him for the past 5 years and we have done nothing about it

  • Bolbi145


     6 months ago +2190

    Killing live animals for sport: Pfffft, no big deal
    Killing Artificially Intelligent Graphics with no real feelings or emotion: THIS TURNS PEOPLE INTO KILLERS!!!

  • Thot spray

    Thot spray

     5 months ago +519

    Gamers: thank you Adam you did something right

  • Golden Will

    Golden Will

     6 months ago +487

    Remember when DOOM a game about destroying demons, was supposedly making kids devil worshippers

  • Stoopid Finn

    Stoopid Finn

     7 months ago +2860

    All school shooters wore socks. We gotta ban socks

  • hehe cunt

    hehe cunt

     6 months ago +544

    Forknife makes people gay

  • shubham preet

    shubham preet

     2 months ago +274

    I play Minecraft in creative mode, does this makes me.............
    A GOD!

  • Turtle 92

    Turtle 92

     2 months ago +500

    Racism ❎
    Actual problems❎
    Video games👹👺👿😈
    Edit:thanks for the 100 likes!

  • maximaldinotrap


     5 months ago +213

    Japanese girl said Kaiju translated to hellbeast which is incorrect. Kaiju means strange beast.

  • aswindyy


     7 months ago +1892

    If I show my mom this video she'll be like "DON'T BELIEVE EVERYTHING YOU SEE ONLINE" yet that's where she found out video games are "violent"

  • Kamilla Gunzinger

    Kamilla Gunzinger

     4 months ago +157

    I feel that.

  • Life's manager

    Life's manager

     6 months ago +260

    The very idea that playing a violent video game makes you violent is extremely idiotic
    I mean, I played Ace Attorney, Cooking Mama, Surgeon Simulator and Keep Talking and No One Explodes. Does that mean I'm a lawyer, a chef, a doctor and a bomb disposal expert?
    Heck no! All it takes is simple logic to debunk this idea.
    The same thing applies to the idea that sitting close to the TV wrecks your eyes. Wouldn't computer or phone screens do the same thing? It's all just colored light.

  • SpineLuminous


     5 months ago +113

    This was an odd episode from Reaper666.

  • ShittyMemes


     6 months ago +82

    I play Animal Crossing to much.

  • Loti


     6 months ago +64

    that didnt ruin! that helped us

  • Danny Kim

    Danny Kim

     2 months ago +60

    So when I'm about to get busted by my parents, you'll show up and save my soul?

  • GD MarkoGaming

    GD MarkoGaming

     4 months ago +15

    It makes sence why with more games there's less murderer
    Why commit real crime and go to jail when you can boot up GTA V

  • 9-BitFox


     4 months ago +27

    Fox: So in other words, humans take all their aggressions out on video games instead of people... WE NEED MORE VIDEO GAMES!!!

  • Cédrick


     7 months ago +3273

    You've heard it here first, Dance Dance Revolution causes school shootings.

  • Diego G

    Diego G

     5 months ago +89

    1:39 this is so misleading and dishonest from Adam. Gun crimes in japan are fewer because of gun control laws... Oh wait.