OnePlus 7 Pro vs iPhone XS Max vs Galaxy S10+ vs Pixel 3 XL camera comparison: intense 4-way battle

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, May 14, 2019
  • OnePlus 7 Pro's cameras are being touted as the next best thing. So we decided to go ahead and do a full comparison with the best camera phones in the business: iPhone XS Max, Pixel 3 XL, and the Galaxy S10+. #OnePlus7Pro #iPhoneXSMax #Pixel3XL #GalaxyS10+Ringke Fusion cases: res samples: ErshadEditor: NiteshSubscribe to strong and growing Mr. Phone community: We are social savvy people, come join us on IG, Twitter, and FB: Instagram: say Hi to Mr. Phone community on Android: is Mr. Phone? We are a small team of hardworking nerds who live and breathe tech. We are India’s fastest growing tech channel on YouTube serving discerning mobile buyers. Watch our tech shows where we uncover the details behind the latest smartphones, laptops, and audio gear released in the market. Think Mobile, Think Mr. PhoneWhat do we stand for?We, at Mr. Phone, have a penchant for making long, incisive videos on gadgets. Our videos are well-researched, meticulously structured, and we make sure we cover as much as possible when making one. From detailed and well-shot review videos to our popular camera and performance comparisons, we aim to make your buying decision a lot easier.
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  • shridhar 1166

    shridhar 1166

     3 months ago +126

    Still pixel 3 is king of camera
    With only one lens..😃

  • Rock Kharayat

    Rock Kharayat

     3 months ago +26

    Pixel sabka baap he camera me 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Rathod Ashvin B

    Rathod Ashvin B

     3 months ago +32

    One plus 7 pro vs P30 pro please comperesion between this phone

  • Mohamed Annaba

    Mohamed Annaba

     23 hours ago

    iPhone And S10+ can capt also 4K60 bro.

  • Ayo


     3 months ago +5

    This is an excellent video, brother. First video from your channel I've seen and you've genuinely impressed me with your level of analysis. You just earned a subscription.

  • Ashutosh Mishra

    Ashutosh Mishra

     3 months ago +12

    Pixel is still the best and was certainly better than S10+ in my personal opinion

  • Rock Kharayat

    Rock Kharayat

     3 months ago +11

    Hatt's off to you plus 7 pro aate he camera comparison dal diya 🙏🙏🙏

  • focuz point

    focuz point

     3 months ago +15

    hi Mr phone...can you please upload one plus 7 pro vs pixel 3a camera comparison ,because google technically not provide visual core on pixel 3a..!!!

  • Shanu J Wilson

    Shanu J Wilson

     3 months ago +2

    Woww... OnePlus has advanced a lot on the camera department..A newbie subscriber to Mr.Phone and I'm already loving it... Kudos to the team!

  • Tintin Singsit

    Tintin Singsit

     3 months ago +3

    With coming updates the OP7 Pro will be a beast. Still buying anyway

  • Donald J Trump

    Donald J Trump

     3 months ago +3

    Iphone xs max and s10+ are beasts😃😂

  • NND here

    NND here

     3 months ago +5

    it was biased pixel 3 xl camera is far superior and consistent than all other three samsung stands no where in color accuracy exposure and detailing level but still u give same score completely biased

  • yash brahmbhatt

    yash brahmbhatt

     3 months ago

    I am from US and watch all the tech reviews here but boy I am impressed. No other reviewer here does such detailed camera comparison. We need you here in US lol.

  • EverythingSamsungTech


     3 months ago +6

    Samsung is the best . Love the video. Keep up the great work as always.

  • Ricerous


     3 months ago +4

    I am a Samsung user but I think the Pixel is still the King in pictures, its problem is only in video quality.

  • Quazi Tousif

    Quazi Tousif

     3 months ago +3

    You look like Indian version of James Corden😂😂

  • Vzayyy Droid

    Vzayyy Droid

     3 months ago +5

    One plus 7 pro Vs pixel 3a camera comparison please

  • Dhanumjay thaty

    Dhanumjay thaty

     3 months ago

    One plus showed there camera is best
    But One plus 7 pro is no where near to any other flagship
    Very saturated videos

  • Abhishek Gupta

    Abhishek Gupta

     3 months ago +9

    Ita great to see pixel still on the top and iphone still give tough compitition samsung realy have to up there game with note 10 if they really want to compete with new pixel and iphone

  • none none

    none none

     3 months ago

    Oh fu*k man 😂😂😂
    Edit-gcam at last