Honda (Acura) NSX - PRODUCTION and DEVELOPMENT (Usa Car Factory)

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, June 9, 2021
  • Honda (Acura) NSX - PRODUCTION and DEVELOPMENT (Usa Car Factory). Performance Manufacturing Center (PMC). In this new video Acura offers a comprehensive, behind-the-scenes look into its Performance Manufacturing Center (PMC) in Marysville, Ohio, the home of the NSX...

    00:10 - Honda (Acura) NSX Weld Shop
    00:33 - Honda (Acura) NSX Paint Shop
    01:26 - Honda (Acura) NSX Engine Assembly
    02:27 - Honda (Acura) NSX Engine Installation
    02:49 - Honda (Acura) NSX Dashboard
    03:08 - Honda (Acura) NSX Frame Assembly
    03:48 - Honda (Acura) NSX Quality Control
    04:42 - Honda (Acura) NSX Development

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    "Inside PMC" is the latest in a series of videos on the innovations and performance capabilities of the NSX, which began with the release of "NSX, 30 Years of Performance" at this year's Chicago Auto Show, where Acura marked 30 years since the debut of the iconic supercar, followed most recently by "Face-off: Acura NSX vs NSX GT3 Evo," highlighting the similarities between the production NSX and race-bred NSX GT3 Evo.

    From its inception, the PMC was designed to innovate both the means and the methods of producing low-volume specialty vehicles by marrying the precision of advanced technology with the artistry of human craftsmanship. "Inside PMC" presents some of the Performance Manufacturing Center's most advanced and ingenious approaches to making a supercar, including its unique body construction method, world-class painting system, meticulous vehicle assembly process and total quality validation process, as well as the exclusive NSX Insider Experience for owners.

    Precision Crafted Performance the PMC Way
    Numerous qualities distinguish the PMC:

    Ultimate Body Accuracy:
    PMC is the first plant in the world to utilize 100-percent robotic MIG welding for body construction, using eight robots to apply 860 MIG welds to the aluminum-intensive space frame with ultimate precision, to produce a highly accurate body with tolerances measurable down to the width of a human hair.

    Inventive Technologies:
    PMC associates are responsible for the development of seven patented and four patent-pending technologies, a number of which were inspired by racing, including a novel 45-minutes process for exacting wheel alignment, a 4-corner weight and ride height check, and a dynamic 4-wheel braking performance measure.

    In-house Validation:
    To ensure the pristine condition of NSX, each vehicle is performance-validated through a sophisticated series of measures within the walls of PMC, and its engine is bench tested to the equivalent of 150 break-in miles at the company's Anna, Ohio, engine facility, such that every NSX is track-ready without ever having been driven on the street.

    Ultimate Configurability:
    just like a race shop where items are moved around by hand, PMC has no conveyor belts or other automated parts delivery systems. This allows for maximum flexibility within the plant to accommodate different types of vehicles and new approaches to achieving ultimate quality for the customer.

    Incredible Paint Quality:
    Andaro Paint is Acura's most lustrous paint and among the highest quality finishes on any vehicle anywhere. Painting an NSX takes five days and creates a finish up to 17 mils thick, 3-times more than an average production car.

    Quality You Can Track:
    Nearly every one of the NSX's bolts is fastened initially by hand to avoid cross threading, and then torqued to exacting tolerances using wirelessly connected wrenches that validate and record every fastener's setting in perpetuity, as a part of the specific vehicle's build data.

    Handmade Performance:
    Each NSX engine is hand assembled by a single master builder, within a bespoke production facility at the company's nearby Anna, Ohio, engine plant. The Anna plant also manufactures the NSX's six aluminum frame nodes, which utilize a world's first ablation casting method to deliver both rigidity for performance and ductility for crash energy absorption.

    Race Car Repair:
    The PMC produces the space frame for the NSX GT3 Evo race car. While nobody likes a crash, in racing, it's bound to happen. In such cases the PMC repairs and rebuilds customer GT3 race cars, sometimes in as little as 2-3 days, to ensure Acura Motorsports customers are ready to go when the green flag drops.

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