Morlocks and Eloi (Tournament of Champions, Pt 2)

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  • Published on:  Saturday, April 13, 2019
  • Sign up for DROPOUT.TV! the INTERNATIONAL app here: available in CANADA, AUSTRALIA, NEW ZEALAND and the U.S.Siobhan Thompson, Ify Nwadiwe, and Emma Fyffe talk time travel and hypothesize about Hydra.FOLLOW THE CAST:ALLY: more http://www.collegehumor.comLIKE us on: us on: us on: http://www.collegehumor.tumblr.comSIGN UP for our emails: ThompsonIfy NwadiweEmma FyffeMike TrapCREWDirector - Michael SchaubachWriter - Michael SaltzmanProducer - Jessie HixenbaughProduction Coordinator - Olivia AguilarDirector of Photography - Carter RossHMU - Denise Renee ValentineSound Mixer - Danny Carpenter for BoTown SoundVFX Artist - TJ GonzalezEditor - Eve Hinz
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  • CollegeHumor


     4 months ago +22

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  • Seven For One

    Seven For One

     4 months ago +126

    "He breathes a laser pointer. Goalies in soccer games and cats that are pissed off."
    Godzilla: King of the Minor Annoyances

  • I Make Smart Guys Look Retarded

    I Make Smart Guys Look Retarded

     4 months ago +76

    Um actually....Bob is Deadpool's sidekick for a long while. Bob has NO superpowers, NO combat training and NO training in strategies and tactics. He does however, run away better than ANYONE.

  • Ariel Riley

    Ariel Riley

     4 months ago +88

    Loving and appreciating that Ify knew and used the phrase "fridging."

  • The Champ is here!!!

    The Champ is here!!!

     4 months ago +62

    Um actually, it was Deadpool.
    And his wife still makes that delicious tuna casserole.

  • Jonah Henninger

    Jonah Henninger

     4 months ago +32

    Hades doesn't belong in that group because I know how to pronounce Hades. The rest of them I have no idea how to pronounce.

  • Siren Hound

    Siren Hound

     4 months ago +6

    Um actually... Hydra is never portrayed in Deadpool, Bob is an enemy combatant, but not shown to be in Hydra, an organisation whose rights belong to the then seperate Marvel Studios and shown only in the MCU.

  • Tardersauce35


     4 months ago +10

    In both of these the cast member stole the point and later a cast member stopped and reminded them.

  • No Refunds

    No Refunds

     4 months ago +51

    If Iffy Nwadiwe said he was "iffy" about something, would space-time rip open and release Cthulu?

  • Veridian


     4 months ago +29

    Jeopardy 2: Elecrric Boogaloo was an enjoyable watch

  • Shaun H

    Shaun H

     4 months ago +24

    Um actually,
    in the shiny question... None of those were droids...

  • Jacob Davenport

    Jacob Davenport

     4 months ago +9

    Um actually, the thing nerds love above all else is also hating the things they love!

  • Just Some Bigfoot With Internet Access

    Just Some Bigfoot With Internet Access

     4 months ago +16

    Part 2 electric boogaloo

  • Karl Franz , Emperor of Mankind, chosen of Sigmar

    Karl Franz , Emperor of Mankind, chosen of Sigmar

     4 months ago +26

    Uhm actually the description laser beams is correct for Godzilla's breath as it is made out of concentrated radioactive radiation. And as the only radiation that has a long enough range to traverse the space we see in the movies is gamma radiation which is a form of light the description laser is correct as a laser is focused light and Godzilla shoots focused gamma radiation /a Gamma laser (light with an extremely short wavelength.

  • Deadpool27


     4 months ago +4

    Um actually Bob is just Bob: Agent of Hydra. Alex Hayden is Agent X.

  • Akshay Anand

    Akshay Anand

     4 months ago +8

    Aw man I would love to hang out with Ify all day. Such a cool guy.

  • Chunky Coffee

    Chunky Coffee

     4 months ago +4

    Also Ify's name is spelled with only one f, it's shown on screen, don't know how people are misspelling it in comments.

  • Deadly One1

    Deadly One1

     4 months ago +5

    Wow ur awesome u changed for the best

  • Yassine EL QARFAOUI

    Yassine EL QARFAOUI

     4 months ago +4

    Hello there

  • Sweet Seduction

    Sweet Seduction

     4 months ago +1

    "I don't think time travel is tight" lol pitch meeting reference!!