twenty one pilots - Forest

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, May 17, 2011
  • A small excerpt from a new twenty one pilots song "Forest."Subscribe for more official content from twenty one pilots: Store: Site: #TOP #Forest #RegionalAtBest #FueledByRamen
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  • Childish Diplomat

     11 months ago

    911 operator: 911 what’s your emergency?Caller: A Man is screaming in the middle of the road911 operator: I told Joseph to stop god damn it

  • Shelby Paquet

     1 years ago

    1:16 Imagine the people living there.Wife: Bob, the tv is too loud.Bob:No, it's not even on*Wife looks outside and sees Tyler in the middle of the street screaming*Wife: OH LORD BOB CALL THE COPS THERE'S A GUY SCREAMING ABOUT BEING ON FIRE''EDIT: Sorry i'm tired and I ate chocolate my imagination is going a little too wierd.

  • But i write my story

     4 days ago

    @twenty one waterparks sweating their romance out *savage 🤣💀

  • twenty one waterparks sweating their romance out

     5 days ago

    was it Bob Bryar.... no......ok I'll leave

  • skie s.

     1 years ago

    You take a ride in a car right? On the road right?So isn't it ironic how forest is performed on the road and ride is performed in a forest Hm

  • be more chlli fries

     4 days ago


  • ZØP

     6 days ago

    @Well, hellø there, felløw human! Jaja bro

  • Lika

     1 years ago

    man I love that 'forrest' song

  • UkuLexi

     9 days ago


  • woosh lol

     1 months ago

    I. Fricken. Cried

  • tre cool

     2 years ago

    honestly i would pay him to scream into my ears until i go slightly deaf

  • alicia x

     22 hours ago

    i already did

  • Felisa Pepperonio

     3 days ago

    Yea I understand but please no

  • Charlie Bowdidge

     1 years ago

    Ice creamUse creamWe all scream Cus were terrified

  • Angel Games

     5 days ago

    I want one ICE cream xd

  • Øĉéåŋ Ęmpĕŕŏŗ

     5 days ago

    Alina_Hermione абдядбдя

  • p l e b e i a n

     1 years ago

    Me: *Walks down street and hears Tyler.* Oh man thats great.Tyler: *Begins screaming*Me: My ears have been blessed

  • Keyara Thompson

     2 months ago

    p l e b e i a n Yaaaa

  • Nicole Sky

     2 months ago

    p l e b e i a n that happened tho?!

  • Ace__draws

     1 years ago

    HEY HERES A RANDOM THEORY: The description says "FORREST" but they changed the title to "FOREST". GUYS they're using the word forest in a metaphoric way because it's suppose to be for rest, like when someone's but down to "rest" (dead) so basically the whole song is about being put down to rest, and everyone sings a chorus that they all know but the song is written by someone not everyone knows about/ cares about, (God). And that the narrator (or Tyler) died in the treehou...

  • Maelawan Le Dantec Gaussen

     15 hours ago

    I'm rethinking my life right now

  • Trista Maxwell


    They accidentally added a extra R and the clique has to be out here

  • yukicantswim

     1 years ago

    Teen: look mom! it's tyler from twenty one pilots! but where's josh...?*josh isn't real, remember?*

  • 1976 Capella/616/ RX-2 mid-size ca


    Woa woa woa stop there you prick

  • J


    you just made my day

  • LoVeMusiC35

     3 years ago

    tyler joseph: screamsneighbours: wake υpneighbours: oh well,the weird kid is screaming again.

  • RedK5

     14 days ago

    Slipfraley Msp same

  • RedK5

     23 days ago

    @Slipfraley Msp same