How did quietness become a sign of quality? [Advertiser content from 3M]

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, June 13, 2018
  • Absolute silence doesn't actually exist in nature.

    Even in the quietest of spaces, there’s still wind blowing, air conditioners humming, and birds chirping. But there's also a huge field of study devoted to quietness.

    Go inside a Minnesota facility that's devoted to studying the science of silence and find out how silence actually became golden.

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  • Van Hendrix

     (Jun 13, 2018)

    Keep it down in the comment section. I'm trying to read

  • AdamAB

     (Jun 19, 2018)

    Lol I get it

  • carlos tha rippa

     (Jun 13, 2018)


  • Gavin

     (Jun 13, 2018)

    I love the obvious disclosure in the title, and I’m sure the FCC does too.

  • Rhiro Yonve

     (Jun 20, 2018)

    Their new privacy policy...

  • Newzchspy

     (Jun 20, 2018)

    Cite those ordinances please??

  • punkcrown

     (Jun 13, 2018)

    i didn't get the point of the video, it was all over the place and the title could definitely be changed to something more fitting

  • Roberto

     (Jun 20, 2018)

    yeah, I expected a video about technology and home appliances, and they became quieter as a sign of sophistication

  • Shaphina

     (Jun 18, 2018)

    Vexus I personally was exspecting why we think a noisy air conditioner is cheap. Why is it that when we dont hear it we think its better quality. I do have an idea of why but i was intrested if there was some significant thing that made us think that. Some new product in history that was marketed as quiet as a sign or quality.Really this video is more like "Why silence is good and how 3M is helping" then the title it has. Something along those lines.

  • Lashan

     (Jun 13, 2018)

    You should do more sponsored content with 3M, they do some crazy stuff. Like the time they accidentally created a static force field that could stop *people* in their sticky tape lab/factory

  • Robert Cohn

     (Jul 16, 2018)

    Ab C. Def A few chicks, in this case

  • Ab C. Def

     (Jun 17, 2018)

    If you wanna make an omelette, you gotta break a few eggs.

  • Salokin

     (Jun 13, 2018)

    Hello darkness my old friend

  • Legik Wolf

     (Jul 22, 2018)

    Fools said I you do not know

  • Markkus Vi Brittanica

     (Jul 12, 2018)

    Comment sections you can hear

  • slorr55

     (Jun 13, 2018)

    Imagine being in the room with tinnitus lol

  • Daniel Smith

     (Jul 2, 2018)

    me too, it has destroyed my life

  • James Flores

     (Jun 18, 2018)

    doing that would make me so frustrated id want to punch a wall

  • Curiosity Culture

     (Jun 13, 2018)

    Audio quality is my biggest struggle. Totally agree that good audio is good quality,

  • Benjamin Freddie

     (Jun 13, 2018)

    Absolutely. When I edit videos it is definitely a bigger challenge to get the audio right than visuals. And it’s also true that most people can accept a good story with lower quality visuals, but not bad audio. Too much noise in the signal or just plain bad sound design isn’t something people tend to tolerate

  • Uhhhhh

     (Jun 13, 2018)

    To not agree would be to say that bad audio is good quality. Your comment is retarded and has completely ruined my day.

  • James Tang

     (Jun 13, 2018)

    So the title doesn't really make much sense and the video is a bit all over the place but it did have some interesting facts although it could have been organised and titled a-lot better.

  • FMArose1

     (Jun 14, 2018)

    James Tang Long live the Emperor!

  • The Someawesome

     (Jun 13, 2018)

    MojaKann Yes, exactly. The usual Vox videos always have facts and arguments that lead organically to the next, and by the end of it, answers the question asked at the beginning. This was a good fact bucket video, but not a great mini documentary.

  • Rob B

     (Jun 13, 2018)

    Nice John Cage reference with the length of the video

  • William Serrano-Franklin

     (Jun 14, 2018)

    That was my initial reaction as well.

  • Nicholas Yee

     (Jun 13, 2018)

    That’s amazing!

  • Maarten

     (Jun 14, 2018)

    Let's give Vox some title suggestions, I'll start:The most silent room in the worldHow silence affects the brainThe science of silenceHello silence my old friend.

  • Kit Vitae

     (Sep 24, 2018)

    Especially with the reel-to-reel in the icon, I thought they were going to talk about the differences in audio technology (not just tape hiss et al but also mechanical noises from the mechanisms, such as... a certain generation will instantly be able to recall what pressing play on a walkman sounded like while wearing the headphones.) over time, using 3M's own contributions perhaps.... but not really!

  • bastos hill

     (Aug 17, 2018)

    that title is so misleading