Junior New System JNS FILIPINO Dance Group in High Heels America's Got Talent 2018 Judge Cuts 1 AGT

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, July 17, 2018
  • Junior New System JNS FILIPINO Dance Group in High Heels. This is the Full segment or full performance for this contestant during the America's Got Talent 2018 Auditions or AGT Season 13 Episode 7 -Judge Cuts week 1 (S13E07). Actor Ken Jeong as Guest Judge.Follow America's Got Talent on social media:Official website: https://www.nbc.com/americas-got-talentOfficial AGT Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/agt/About the show: America's Got Talent of AGT is TV series aired by NBC. It is a talent show for all sort of talents and all ages. It Usually runs throughout the summer and ends in September. Starts with auditions from major cities in the US then trimmed down to quarter finals, semi then the finals. There is also the very popular Golden Buzzer given by each judge given to contestants that put them straight to the live show. Please Subscribe to Breaking Talents Showcase for more up to date videos on Talents shows https://tinyurl.com/ycz823dr
  • Source: https://youtu.be/4iuIsa24Y6c


  • Junior New System OFFICIAL

     11 months ago

    Thank you for supporting us ❤️

  • Mj Mj

     19 days ago

    Hello mga kuys. . New subscriber niyo pla. .nakakaProud po kayo mga kuys. . Godbless po sa inyong lahat. . Continue your dreams and dont give up .

  • Katie W

     2 months ago

    You guys are what the American dream is about, I hope everything is going well

  • totie patotie

     11 months ago

    They are emotional dahil hindi lahat ng contestant ay nabibigyan ng pagkakataon na makapasok sa ganyang show. We should proud of them.

  • Casiano Carlos

     2 months ago

    Hola, from America, Po. You all did a great job. Praying for you all, and your families.

  • FayeChard J.

     2 months ago

    Nag silabasan ang mga teachers.

  • Biboy Almejas

     11 months ago

    Salute! To those guys who keep on criticizing how they get emotional on interviews, you have no idea how it feels to be following your dream. When you know that you gave your all, tears just flow unconsciously.

  • Arsky Ranz

     1 months ago

    sa pilipinas normal lang yan sa mga judges

  • JB Rrozo

     5 months ago

    I’m a big talent fan especially when they’re Filipinos because I’m proud of my own but I would have to somewhat agree with Fidel Castro’s comment. I understand the emotion but sometimes it gets overused and it gets perceived as a front and a way to harness sympathy. This guys are talented enough just to simply rely on their talents and maybe use smarts, humor and thank the almighty on responding and not sob in the screen all the time talking about their dream. Ika nga gasgas na linya na maging creative...

  • David Edison

     11 months ago

    you have no idea how emotional you can get when you are in their shoe. just be happy for them guys. if you hate the sob story and them crying during interviews, then dont watch. period. kudos JNS!

  • truthundefeated

     5 months ago

    @Ralll Royal Agree to the max!!! They just wanted to earn Sympathy!! That's Very WRONG!! The fact, no matter how good they would be, they will never win.Why??? Because they will vote for their Own!!!

  • Sjav Sgscb

     9 months ago

    Ralll royal I agree

  • sofia macapagal

     5 months ago

    Iba talaga pag PINOY....proud to be PINOY...we are one with you!!!!CONGRATULATIONS!

  • Jerry Berlaz

     11 months ago

    Ung moment na nag bow silang lahat sa bandang dulo...wow...just wow😍😍😍

  • Rizz Flandez

     9 months ago

    Iba talaga ang pinoy!!! So so soooo proud!!!

  • Mitsuki Ogawa

     10 months ago

    Jerry Berlaz yeh. Gusto ko ung gnwa nla last moment proud to be

  • sisira gallage

     3 months ago

    Amazing guys. I'm also speechless. Every thing was soooooooooooooo perfect. All the best for you guys. Worm wishes from Sri Lanka. ❤️

  • Sir Von

     11 months ago

    Kaya d naasenso pilipinas. Mas pinupuri pa ng taga ibang bansa kesa sa kapwa pilipino. nakngputspa

  • Arvin Olorvida

     2 months ago

    Tama ka!

  • Johny decastro

     2 months ago

    Kaya lang naman siguro hindi napapansin sa pilipinas ang mga talent nila kasi likas na satin ang may mga ganyang talent. Kumbaga sobrang dami ng magagaling na pinoy kaya common nalang mga ganyan. Just sayin

  • Aloha Bebot

     11 months ago

    E bakit ang El Gamma Penumbra @ DM-X? Most of them are emotional too during Asia’s Got Talent. What I don’t get is that you guys always bashing this kiddos about being emotional? Kung sa iba ok lang ganon kahit ibang lahi? Kaya hindi umaasenso ang Pinas e sa kakacomment ninyo Ng PAAWA effect huwag ganon bata pa sila e & this is their passion in dancing, buwis buhay din ginagawa nilang choreography with high heels kayo nalang kaya dyan. Palibhasa kasi hindi ninyo din alam ang sakripisyo ng mga batan...

  • jinky calugas

     2 months ago

    When u say talent Philippines 🇵🇭 always presents, Philippines isa gifted talents. Good job guys 👍👏