Things about Relationships I wish someone told me about

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  • Published on:  Sunday, April 7, 2019
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  • TJ Shavis

     3 months ago

    When someone drinks straight out of the milk cartonRED FLAG

  • Milo Shmilo

     4 hours ago

    when someone likes milk by itself*RED FLAG*

  • Smol Devil

     16 hours ago

    I knew my sister was a red flag

  • Asher :p

     13 days ago

    *”It’s not selfish to want the best for yourself”*I really really need to learn that. Tysm Jaiden (and Katie!) <3

  • Valerie Vazquez

     20 hours ago

    @Dóris agree mostly everyone is selfish but if u still think of others it's not bad, it's only bad when u don't consider other people

  • Dóris


    It is selfish, but who said selfishness is evil?

  • John Michael Rili

     12 days ago

    "You're not responsible for anyone's happiness." That hits hard, thanks for the truth, Jaiden. I needed that.

  • Neddy Clay

     15 hours ago

    Lol you 10 year olds 😂

  • Valerie Vazquez

     20 hours ago

    @Taryn Richards you can encourage them to seek help but also help them understand that happiness doesn't only come from people

  • ᗰYᔕTᗴᖇY

     9 days ago

    “*Don’t let them forcefully shove their junk on you*”You’re right!**Tell them to start recycling!!**

  • Meep_Girl

     2 days ago

    Ye save the Earth

  • fresh as ever

     13 days ago

    No one:Me: ha ha I’m gonna be super manipulative today

  • Vaporwave Furry

     15 hours ago


  • Julia Kubancik

     20 hours ago

    Mood though

  • Qwacker roblox

     1 months ago

    someone: Jaiden is the worst animator youtuberme:REDFLAG

  • Gacha Kitty09

     3 days ago

    tHaNoS iS BeSt GiRl What did I get myself into ugh

  • Da Doge

     6 days ago

    69 replies... Me: HA! now it's 70

  • Jess

     13 days ago

    jaiden: "don't let them forcefully shove their junk on you"me: .... BAHAHAHAHHAHAHAA

  • Stay positive

     7 hours ago

    Why would you laugh about that????

  • Ero Faeruf

     4 days ago

    But what if she wants the junk? \__0–0__/

  • DJ Alexander

     13 days ago

    3:22 Are my other friends gonna do it?*FRIENDS FACEPLANT ON COKE*

  • DJ Alexander

     3 days ago

    @Kore Adekunle RED FLAG XD jk

  • Kore Adekunle

     3 days ago

    @DJ Alexander Coke-aine

  • Joni Blose

     13 days ago

    This video....HAS TAUGHT ME SOMETHINGNow lemme go not be friends with a girl who is REALLY REALLY mean and tries to get me always on her side...

  • Anna Load

     3 days ago

    obdcme1 you’re not responsible for anyone happiness

  • ellaAngel smith

     13 days ago

    If someone hurts you and you want an apology and they get defensive and demand that you apologize to them because you have done way worse.This is a very common sign of emotional manipulation and abuse.

  • Maggie O'Moore

     5 hours ago

    That sounds like my brother

  • Rylee Gause

     14 hours ago

    ellaAngel smith thanks for the reminder :)