Things about Relationships I wish someone told me about

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  • Published on:  Sunday, April 7, 2019
  • people are weird sometimes

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  • Elite Jshotz

    Elite Jshotz

     8 minutes ago +1

    Ask yourself "what back pain"

  • Alex Aney

    Alex Aney

     21 minutes ago

    A 9:55 video

  • Alexandria Wheatley

    Alexandria Wheatley

     24 minutes ago

    Toga every day when she wakes up lol

  • Joseph Rankin

    Joseph Rankin

     26 minutes ago

    Either I am extremely lucky, extremely blind, or I just disagree. I can appreciate her desire to spread awareness about issues that are common in her life, but she makes the assumption that these toxic events or relationships are common in all people’s lives. This is a good video but in my opinion telling people that toxic events or relationships are supper common may lead to some people misdiagnosing healthy but confusing or difficult relationships, which may lead to ending something great. If I am missing something or I overlooked something I would love to hear out anyone who has a opinion or view they would like to share.

  • collecter343


     36 minutes ago

    7:22 IS THAT HIMIKO TOGA!?!?!!??

  • Rage Kitty

    Rage Kitty

     37 minutes ago

    I saw Toga

    I said


  • XXシBoredavaシ


     38 minutes ago

    Bro my friend is super depressed and idk how to help her. I told her to get therapy but she hates it and i feel like it’s beyond my control and i try my best to help her. Me and her have a crush on each other and when she gets hurt, i get hurt. She’s a really good person and i want to help but idk what to do

  • Fish


     47 minutes ago

    I am in a manipulative and maybe abusive relationship with a family member but I cannot leave it because he is taking my healthcare as ransom in a way and courts for custody don't work here because I have a conservative government and stuff is not good and he is the reason I cannot get treatment for my mental illness and it is driving me crazy because I cannot do anything. Any advice?

  • BasicallyBrayden


     48 minutes ago

    Amen. I'm gonna show an imbecile this video tomorrow to show them how I feel about them(every box is checked)

  • Twisted Madness

    Twisted Madness

     56 minutes ago

    Cigarettes technically aren't drugs

  • Logan


     an hour ago

    thanks this helped meh

  • Jake Boi 666 Vlogs

    Jake Boi 666 Vlogs

     an hour ago

    Haha you have breast

  • josephm026


     an hour ago

    Sally is pretty pathetic and apparently Chad is an evil mastermind...

  • Just A Snake

    Just A Snake

     2 hours ago

    be me:
    healthy relationship with girlfriend
    also me in my head:
    why am i the worst person ever

  • Brandon Carter

    Brandon Carter

     2 hours ago

    This is a FANTASTIC video you’ve made here!!

  • My penis is unbelievably small, but bro

    My penis is unbelievably small, but bro

     2 hours ago

    my ex manipulated me, and she also threatened me that she’d kill her self if we broke up... it was sad honestly

  • L Lawliet

    L Lawliet

     2 hours ago

    Drugs are not bad, if you can use drugs without letting it take control of your life. Do what you want as long as you don't hurt anyone else who cares.

  • Artzy Craze

    Artzy Craze

     2 hours ago

    7:22 is-is that Toga from bnha or am I just seeing things

  • Nyan Pigle

    Nyan Pigle

     2 hours ago

    Is this a video about pollution or relationships

  • Jiff Pop

    Jiff Pop

     2 hours ago

    Lol I guess I'm too selfish, I've never really helped my friends deal with mental stuff, we kinda just play videogames