18-Year-Old overcomes her insecurities and wins The Voice | Winner's Journey #30

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, April 17, 2019
  • Molly Hocking won the eight series of The Voice UK in 2019. Check out her incredible journey from the 'Blind Auditions' to the 'Grand Finale'!🔻FULL PERFORMANCES Watch all full performances of Molly Hocking in The Voice UK here:http://bit.ly/MollyHocking🔻SONG LIST- Blind Audition: ‘You Take My Breath Away’ by Eva Cassidy- Battle: 'With You' by Caissie Levy & Richard Fleeshman- Knockout: 'Human' by Christina Perri- Semi-final: ‘I’ll Never Love Again’ by Lady Gaga- Final: ’Someone You Loved’ by Lewis Capaldi- Final: 'Stars' by Simply Red🔻SUBSCRIBESubscribe now to see more amazing 'The Voice' performances from around the globe: http://bit.ly/Voice-Global-Subscribe🔻SOCIALFollow The Voice Global on Instagram: https://instagram.com/thevoiceglobal/🔻HASHTAGS#TheVoice #Journey
  • Source: https://youtu.be/40ViXD9ziZU


  • The Voice Global

    The Voice Global

     4 months ago +289

    What is your favorite performance of Molly?

  • Jojo Regalado

    Jojo Regalado

     3 months ago +1659

    Need to give credit to Olly Murs for his superb song choices for Molly.

  • Natasha Selektor

    Natasha Selektor

     4 months ago +1374

    anyone else think she reminds you of Sia??

  • jozie figueroa

    jozie figueroa

     2 months ago +538

    Bet her Ex really regretting a lot 💀😭🥰

  • Matt Sterling

    Matt Sterling

     2 months ago +685

    She is so lovely. I think Olly is in love with her. I’m in love with her. I think the duet was a bit awkys at the end.

  • Megan Perine

    Megan Perine

     2 months ago +352


  • Nain


     2 months ago +439

    Why do i have the feeling that olly likes molly..like its kinda obvious..also their names rhyme😂

  • Willow Gray

    Willow Gray

     2 months ago +593

    She is mesmerizing, but more than her voice—it’s her ethereal beauty & sweetness that are so enchanting!

  • Mary McIntosh

    Mary McIntosh

     4 months ago +571

    Molly is a rare talent who can deliver the story of a song. So enjoy listening to her. As an aside, whoever did her makeup and styling should be commended. She was gorgeous at each appearance. It was do refreshing to see a young woman not being pushed into assuming the crass caricature of pop star. Stay elegant and true to your craft, Molly.

  • Barry Lynne

    Barry Lynne

     4 months ago +793

    Gorgeous VOICE, but surely looks older than 18.

  • Esther Vateitei

    Esther Vateitei

     4 months ago +714

    Who else got HAIR RAISING GOOSEBUMPS when she sang "Human"?

  • jordonmozart


     2 months ago +297

    I have a feeling Olly is in love with Molly.. Just saying..

  • irsan utomo

    irsan utomo

     4 months ago +329

    I luv the way she dress... Waaaayy sooo mature Not like majority 17 years old at this era... Such a very polite n great girl... Luv from indonesia... 😘

  • NNS 12

    NNS 12

     1 months ago +162

    18!?!?! saw the thumbnail and thought at least 30

  • Ariff Sahari

    Ariff Sahari

     2 months ago +239

    Shes AMAZING but anyone realizing how beautiful all the stage set are??



     4 months ago +322

    I think shes still better then she realizes, just such an amazing voice, seriously impressed with her. I hope whatever she does in music, they treat her right and gets her the right songs, and hope they do not try and turn her into another cookie cutter pop star.

  • J G

    J G

     2 months ago +52

    The way her coach looked at her everytime she went up to sing was loving. They should be a couple.

  • Heidi Quayle

    Heidi Quayle

     2 months ago +132

    Olly picked great songs and tapped into her heartbreak to help her grab the emotion of the song and of the audience. Good job! and Molly you are amazing. congratulations!

  • Aubrey Sees

    Aubrey Sees

     1 months ago +108

    Woah molly and olly has great chemistry so natural in their duet?!!!!

  • mvnikv


     3 months ago +66

    her trainer looking at her in a way that make me ship them idk but it's cute anyway and i love that girl