Mariah, Beyonce, Katy, Jlo, Gaga remember SELENA QUINTANILLA

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, July 4, 2012
  • Here it is! Finally! An updated version of celebs talking/remembering our queen Selena Quintanilla Perez. Ive come to the conclusion that there will always be a new celeb talking about Selena... it would impossible to keep up so this will be the last one I ever make. ENJOY. Video Includes:Mariah CareyWyclefShakiraDavid ArchuletaJennifer LopezAventuraThaliaNick LacheyBruno MarsLady GagaKaty PerryDave HolmesBeyonceSelena GomezAshlee SimpsonKaren RodriguezGloria EstefanDaddy YankeeSnookiGeorge Bush
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  • Red Rum

    Red Rum

     2 years ago +1318

    Now Selena, she was all real. Real talent. No autotune. Her hair, real. Her face, real. Her BUTT, REAL. No sex tape. She started a movement with her talent. No other famous woman or female rapper was as real as her or ever will be. God bless her. R.I.P Selena. You'll forever live in our hearts.

  • dannylobo209


     4 months ago +1110

    Is anyone here in 2019 still wishing she was alive ruling the whole music industry with that beautiful voice, smile, attitude and everything about her? RIP Selena 🙏😭

  • Tony Serna

    Tony Serna

     7 months ago +540

    Eva Longoria: “She would of been bigger than all of us”.
    Hmmmm.....SHE IS BIGGER THAN ALL OF YOU. AND SHE’s in heaven!

  • Alberto Suarez

    Alberto Suarez

     4 months ago +368

    I’m still so pissed at Yolanda till this day for taking Selena from us!

  • Placido Aguilar

    Placido Aguilar

     4 months ago +296

    I heard Jamaicans and Japanese singing Selena's songs it was so beautiful to hear out her songs reach different regions of the world....

  • Ashley Gurley

    Ashley Gurley

     a years ago +116

    Both Aaliyah and Selena did not deserve to be taken from us so soon but may they both rest in peace and their music live on forever ❤👼

  • Donna B

    Donna B

     4 months ago +311

    I was balling my eyes out. Today is 24 years after her death
    Selena is in our hearts and will never be forgotten.

  • Laura s

    Laura s

     5 months ago +304

    She was right up there with Elvis, Michael Jackson, prince, Tom Petty and Whitney Houston. All the great ones are robbed from us.

  • Willo


     3 months ago +160

    She was destined to become the GOAT. She had everything, super funny, humble, smart and beautiful. She was a Goddess!

  • MyOwnPrivateAlex90s


     4 years ago +3497

    I think Selena needs a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame now.

  • Alexis Rodriguez

    Alexis Rodriguez

     2 years ago +158

    "she would of been bigger then all of us"
    me: no honey SHE IS bigger than all of yall.

  • Emiasis


     4 months ago +163

    If Selena was alive there wouldn't be Jlo. Selena was a POWERHOUSE!!

  • Dissa Ray

    Dissa Ray

     5 months ago +50

    Selena, Aaliyah, Left Eye taken too soon 💔💔💔

  • andi akbar

    andi akbar

     5 months ago +56

    She had so much energy and funny personality..

  • Norma Lilia

    Norma Lilia

     2 years ago +1254

    Anyone else got the chills like damn still gets to me after so many years

  • Ignacio Navarro

    Ignacio Navarro

     2 months ago +42

    Even George W. Bush was a Selena Stan, this woman was too iconic. VIVA SELENA!!

  • Levi Ramos

    Levi Ramos

     3 months ago +59

    Sending love ❤️ from the Philippines 🇵🇭

  • Bronwyn Fenty

    Bronwyn Fenty

     5 months ago +72

    I'm crying. Real grown tears. My heart. Love from South Africa🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦♥️♥️♥️

  • Gab17 D

    Gab17 D

     5 months ago +151

    2019 anyone?

  • B Don

    B Don

     2 years ago +1204

    she was gonna become the first internationally known mexican superstar i'm mad