Is the OnePlus 7 Pro Worth It?

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, May 14, 2019
  • It might be more expensive but the OnePlus 7 Pro is an excellent Android flagship.
    The story behind the Loudness War:
    The cheap(er) Pixel 3a is here:

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  • Austin Evans

    Austin Evans

     5 months ago +1413

    RIP your sub feed 💀

  • gamingfriend 0815

    gamingfriend 0815


    The fingerprint sensor gets better after using it more often.

  • MitchieBTW


     3 days ago

    But you can still use your earphones with the OnePlus adaptor cable right?
    Will it work just like a normal earphone jack so you'll be able to change the sound with an Equalizer, will the phone let you do that?

  • Realgames10 0_0

    Realgames10 0_0

     14 days ago

    hehe Austin playd clash royale for a sec, nice:D

  • JDL


     14 days ago

    Noticed you didn't mention any LG phones. Especially, when you were speaking about the cameras. You sound like a CNN host.....fake news.

  • Isaac Flores

    Isaac Flores

     21 days ago

    We don't need headphone jacks anymore!

  • waleed alamree

    waleed alamree

     21 days ago

    Best mobile

  • Aaron Robok-Abbs

    Aaron Robok-Abbs

     21 days ago

    So I thought I w... make an opini.... comment on this vid... so why haven’t you... and that’s exact..... we don’t judge... why we’re a great community. And honestly. Camera! Pixel, jumbrembrly shibombryij... iPhone and pixel... headphone jack! Some subscrib... laptops 6gigs snap fuck Fragonard save your pennies! Ok I’m done...

  • Forex Trader

    Forex Trader

     28 days ago

    It’s a good phone but the camera and video sucks. I traded it in for a s10 plus

  • insert name here

    insert name here

     a months ago

    We need a clear back with the motor being visible

  • Martin Olsson

    Martin Olsson

     a months ago

    Damn slow down slow down bro

  • David 1999

    David 1999

     a months ago

    iPhone X or Oneplus 7 Pro?

  • nealynealster


     a months ago


  • Mondaris


     a months ago

    hey austin this is guys

  • ivvs gamer

    ivvs gamer

     a months ago

    Copyyyy of y9 prime 2019

  • Paul Carillo

    Paul Carillo

     a months ago +2

    I was gonna try and mock Austin cus i though he was still in the peka arena but realizes thats it was 2v2 hehe 2:12

  • ¡¡Jxhn!!


     a months ago

    Austin: Aww man, what game to use which is rlly cool plays Clash Royale

    Pubg, fortnite etc: Wait so.. Are we joke to you?

  • CitingAnt 133970

    CitingAnt 133970

     a months ago +1

    You monster

    Use Twitter in dark mode

  • M M

    M M

     a months ago

    I still use the oneplus 3T and it works awesome. Great phone

  • GiantFilmsProduction


     a months ago

    I switched about two weeks ago from my iPhone X, long time iPhone user (iPhone 4) i didn’t want to spend $1,100 on a Max or pro max but wanted a bigger screen. The display is beautiful, I tested everything vs. what my iPhone could do and my final thoughts are.. I love it! Only complain is, iMessage. Damn you apple! If you send and receive videos.. prepare to receive crappy quality videos 😔 but that is literally it. The one plus 7 pro has a build in screen record, phone is basically stock android, multitasking is so easy, I can be watching a YouTube video and texting someone without loosing the video and forcing to go back to the app, Software is buttery smooth with that 90hz refresh rate. I installed the google pixel cam on my phone and it made it perfect! The only thing you might miss is iMessage , that and your whole family will disown you because you have the green bubble and can’t name group message anymore lol