Taking Sociopath Quizzes with Jake Paul

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  • Published on:  Thursday, July 11, 2019
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  • William Ehlers

    William Ehlers

     1 months ago +18420

    They could be married for 20 years with seven kids and I still won’t believe this is a real relationship.

  • Jake King

    Jake King

     1 months ago +3677

    why is jake more watchable when he’s with tana 😂

  • Grace Olivia De Gruccio

    Grace Olivia De Gruccio

     28 days ago +1260

    can shane pls officiate your wedding that would be the most iconic

  • Karen Lopez

    Karen Lopez

     1 months ago +1924

    I want them to do the 24 hour handcuff challenge

  • megan ukolov

    megan ukolov

     21 days ago +683

    Two of the most toxic youtubers put together is probably the best thing ive seen so far.
    (no hate dont get your balls in a twist)

  • Aubrey! ?

    Aubrey! ?

     1 months ago +788

    Ya’ll cUtE “together” or whatever but- you also look related.
    Alabama Tingz

  • Angelic Alexsandria

    Angelic Alexsandria

     1 months ago +661

    Okay but i genuinely love seeing them together i feel like she brings out the real him



     1 months ago +439

    Ight ima say that I ACTUALLY like them together sm

  • Danniell Loren

    Danniell Loren

     1 months ago +419

    i love how there’s THREEE editing tanas LMAO

  • Brandon Prashan

    Brandon Prashan

     1 months ago +6004

    I feel like they started “dating” just to get clout and now tana is actually falling for him lol

  • misk moh

    misk moh

     1 months ago +267

    No one:
    Literally no one:
    Jake:Hi I'm Jake
    Tana: hi I'm tana

  • Random Stufff

    Random Stufff

     1 months ago +169

    How to get a like from Tana Mongeau:
    Comment about Jake and Tana's relationship being fake....

  • allison muszynski

    allison muszynski

     4 days ago +9

    He seems so totally genuinely unattracted to her. Hes on the very edge of the bed and wants no cuddly contact with her.
    Not to mention they've never had sex (according to her friends) and keep lying about it when on camera.

  • Wulvez


     yesterday +4

    just observing, tana is very much primarily focused on jake (getting his attention, watching his reactions to things/her, trying to low-key seduce him) while jake is not focused on her, he's more just answering the questions or being himself/making the video
    not sure what this means. My insights say that she is more into the relationship than he is. neither of them seem really grown-up. for some reason it feels to me like he's more likely to be slowly learning from his past than she is, for some reason. just a vibe from how he does talk about his past and emotions and she seems.... erratic. in the moment. trying to be likeable.
    i dont think they'll last forever, because it seems like they're growing at different rates. hopefully they both grow and be happy. who knows. for now it seems they've having fun together. so long as no one gets hurt......

  • Anna Bullard

    Anna Bullard

     1 months ago +13118

    We are MONTHS into this relationship and I still don’t know if it’s legit

  • Carissa Clarke

    Carissa Clarke

     1 months ago +163

    He is very much less annoying on ur channel lol. Still kinda wana choke him haha

  • Colby and Brennen

    Colby and Brennen

     1 months ago +201

    My favourite pastime is watching two sociopaths low-key making a sex tape

  • Lime Ronin

    Lime Ronin

     28 days ago +209

    I think I lost a few brain cells in the first 7 minutes xD

  • Natalee Rio

    Natalee Rio

     4 days ago +6

    Can actually tell Jake is genuinely not feeling Her. He is totes irritated by her.

  • Potato Juice

    Potato Juice

     1 months ago +1290

    this video is a perfect representation of what ADHD is