There Are No Dinosaurs In Alien (Tournament of Champions, Pt 3)

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  • Published on:  Friday, April 19, 2019
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  • CollegeHumor


     4 months ago +7

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  • Rees Gerhard

    Rees Gerhard

     4 months ago +494

    Um actually, the vampire in the movie Nosferatu is named Count Orlok

  • animeye


     4 months ago +266

    Really wish they wouldn't cut this in the middle of an answer

  • Callum Dunster

    Callum Dunster

     4 months ago +101

    Um Actually, Raziel (bottom right) is a Soul Reaver and not a vampire. He was a vampire but was executed and brought back as a Soul Reaver.

  • Rob Elliott

    Rob Elliott

     4 months ago +141

    Umm actually, it is not Nosferatu. His name is Count Orlok. Nosferatu is the name of the movie.
    Umm actually, Spike is a nickname. His actual name is William Pratt. Also known as William the Bloody.. because his Poetry was so horrible.

  • someguy1141


     4 months ago +100

    Um actually, Why would you cut it off before finishing the answers to the question?

  • Jared Ivory

    Jared Ivory

     4 months ago +136

    Um actually, when is this show coming to an actual network??? If Netflix picked this up it would gain a following immediately. I only pay for Dropout for this show!

  • superg2760


     4 months ago +43

    Um actually raziel is no longer a vampire in that form. He is a wraith

  • Shankar Sivarajan

    Shankar Sivarajan

     4 months ago +29

    The answers to the vampire question:
    1. Count Dracula
    2. Count Orlok
    3. Edward Cullen
    4. Lestat
    5. Count Chocula
    6. Bunnicula
    7. Spike
    8. Count von Count
    9. Bill Compton
    10. Marceline
    11. Lily Munster
    12. Raziel

  • That Welsh Kid

    That Welsh Kid

     4 months ago +16

    Whoever wins the contest of champions should host a special episode of Um, Actually where Trapp gets to play!

  • Eoin Campbell

    Eoin Campbell

     4 months ago +123

    0:10 Um, actually this is just a portion of the real episode of "Um, Actually", so claiming that this is "Um, Actually" is inaccurate.

  • Ard van Dis

    Ard van Dis

     4 months ago +47

    Um actually, Nosferatu is the name of the movie. The vampire is called Count Orlock

  • YaboiiEL215


     4 months ago +28

    UMM ACTUALLY, the last image is Raziel from the legacy of kain, and he is NOT a vampire but instead is a Soul Reaver (in that image)

  • Brad Hulan

    Brad Hulan

     4 months ago +5

    Um actually, how could Bilbos riddle have the answer of "The One Ring of Power" when he didn't know that it was "The One Ring of Power"

  • Matt Terlaga

    Matt Terlaga

     4 months ago +12

    Um actually, when the Hobbit was written it hadn't been established that the ring Bilbo found was the "One Ring" just that it was a magic ring

  • Kenny Togunloju

    Kenny Togunloju

     4 months ago +8

    Jared keeps interrupting everyone. It's annoying....
    He really gets what the show is about.

  • gozzilla177


     4 months ago +36

    I didn't know alot of those vampires but I'm sad no one knew the last 1 soul reaver legacy of kain's "Raziel" such a fun video game 😶😶😶

  • Brian Elliott

    Brian Elliott

     4 months ago +15

    I'm so glad everyone is making the same Nosferatu correction I was going to make.

  • g33kygamer


     4 months ago +9

    Um Actually, JRR Tolkien had not made the ring in Bilbo's pocket the Ring of Power in The Hobbit, and the answer was never answered by Gollum, therefore the answer would be "the ring" or "birthday present"

  • Pling


     4 months ago +24

    Umm, actually, his name is not Nosferatu, it's Count Orlok.