How Do 90% of Americans Have Jobs? - Daniel Tosh

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  • Published on:  Saturday, October 5, 2019
  • Daniel Tosh wonders why Americans still think they live in the greatest country in the world and tries to understand how so many people are employed. (Contains strong language.)

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  • Jeffrey Daniels

    Jeffrey Daniels

     5 hours ago

    You realize Where the greatest country if you have traveled a lot and lived in many countries. Living in the U.S.A. is winning the lottery! The evidence is in the hoards of people that want to immigrate here.

  • Porcupine Logic

    Porcupine Logic

     8 hours ago

    Diversity = not a strength

  • Conner Broeker

    Conner Broeker

     17 hours ago

    This guy is a simp for sex, race, and ethnicity

  • Conner Broeker

    Conner Broeker

     17 hours ago

    He seems like a simp

  • Conner Broeker

    Conner Broeker

     17 hours ago

    Looking at his face I just want to punch it

  • David Whitlow

    David Whitlow

     20 hours ago

    I've been to Fiji. It's not.




    the key to great comedy is having truth in it.....if your comment at 5:40 was true, why are they always at the bottom of the totem pole? Tosh has gone full Libtard PC.

  • zack



    This is from his special "People Pleaser" in 2015 for anyone wondering. Whole thing is gold

  • 77kirkwood



    White firefighters vs Black Cops hockey game. No mercy rule.

  • jakelxxx


     yesterday +1

    Didnt laugh 1 time.

  • Eli Robinson

    Eli Robinson


    Him and Anthony Jeselnik need to collab somehow

  • Gravetidings



    Funny when people say there are better countries than the U.S.A., but they don't live anywhere else but the U.S.A. when most of the most opinionated have the money to do so.

  • Intermind Music

    Intermind Music


    He looks exactly like Patrick Wilson but less formal

  • hex warp

    hex warp


    Clever man.

  • Lloyd Hinshelwood

    Lloyd Hinshelwood


    We’re more outdoors 😂😂

  • C S

    C S


    He’s back lol

  • Craig Johnson

    Craig Johnson


    I'm offended

  • Gage S

    Gage S


    Liberal cuck...terrible jokes too

  • Drew Mertens

    Drew Mertens

     yesterday +1

    Daniel Tosh has the same face as a girl I know 😂😂

  • John Joo

    John Joo


    "Did you guess stricly Chinese bitches?" I'm asian and I approve of this joke.