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  • Published on:  Thursday, September 30, 2021
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    A millennial nightmare that follows Anna, a young woman stuck in the midst of a quarter-life crisis, who learns how to keep on living after being haunted by the undead spirit from her summer camp past. It’s about emerging adulthood and millennial angst; about letting go of our pasts and embracing what it means to grow up.

    "Come Be Creepy With Us" by Beth Fletcher

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    More About "Come Be Creepy With Us":
    Our film follows, Anna, a twenty-something living in Los Angeles. She used to be a complete badass who totally had her life together...but then her boyfriend left her and she got fired from her job. Her well-meaning but basic friends, Aaron and Carly, can’t give her the support she needs during this stagnant, insecure, and helpless time she’s stuck in...BUT THEN the undead corpse of a young woman comes up through her bathtub drain. This zombie-esque swamp monster turns out to be Bonnie, who was a young camper at Camp Dark Lake many years before. Bonnie drowned in the lake when Anna was a counselor in charge of watching the campers. Initially seeking revenge, Bonnie befriends Anna as they both find they are struggling with some of the same issues. They smoke a little weed, drink some champagne and make some friendship bracelets but eventually must learn to move on without each other.

    "Come Be Creepy With Us" Credits:
    Directed by Beth Fletcher
    Produced by Mike Labbadia
    Written by Michael Calciano
    Cinematography by Jesse Coyote
    Production Designer Melissa Woods
    Edited by Ede Bell-Crowder
    Starring Adelaide Lummis, Jasmine Kimiko, Dylan Arnold, Tierra Luckey, Michael Calciano, and Carissa Bazler
    VFX by Chris Dold
    Sound Design by Andrew Guastella

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