OnePlus 7 Pro Review - The Fastest Android I've Used!

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, May 14, 2019
  • Get yourself a dbrand skin at the Corsair Ironclaw RGB Mouse at Amazon: or NewEgg: OnePlus 7 Pro is one of my favorite Android flagships of the year, with the notch-less screen, pop-up selfie camera, and SUPER fast in-screen fingerprint reader!Buy a OnePlus Smartphone On Amazon: on the forum: Affiliates, Referral Programs, and Sponsors: Private Internet Access today at metal posters: Tech Tips merchandise at Linus Tech Tips posters at Test Benches on Amazon: Our production gear: - - - - Intro Screen Music Credit:Title: Laszlo - SupernovaVideo Link: Download Link: Link: Screen Music Credit: Approaching Nirvana - Sugar High
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  • TheSpector

     1 months ago

    "....after a message from our..." *furiously double taps right side of the screen*

  • TheSpector

     5 hours ago

    @error idk PC user: casually taps on "L" once.

  • error idk

     5 hours ago

    PC users: casually clicks somewhere in the line where the actual video would start

  • Pop up theater

     22 days ago

    Oneplus 7 pro: I have 12gb ram.My pc: oh.....wait, What

  • Milan2124


    i have 32gb 4000mhz ram

  • Jens Martin Hedegaard Andersen

     6 days ago

    @Који Курац ddr1 wtf xD

  • hjoon

     24 days ago

    The speed of OnePlus7pro came also from UFS3.0 as well.

  • Tanim Xubayer

     2 days ago

    Just loved it. Dangerously snappy 😁😁

  • TheMightySt0nE

     a months ago

    Watching this video on my Oneplus One. ♥Time to switch 😝🤓

  • RAX 2.0


    Noice! I have a one and a 7 pro!

  • Brett Shadduck

     8 days ago

    Did you ever switch?

  • Paulo Alexandre

     1 months ago

    "After this message from our sponsor" I thought he would say "OnePlus"

  • Chant Harsh

     19 hours ago

    Some of us still watching movies in phoneMe:watch all movies in my phone

  • Vedansh Goenka

     23 days ago

    9:15 Oneplus actually uses a 13mp 2.2x zoom lens, but crops through software to the 3x, resulting in the 8 mp

  • Mike T

     1 months ago

    IR blaster and removable battery ... Ah the good ol days!

  • frustated student

     1 months ago

    Xiomi devices and honor v20 has ir blasters

  • Joseph Stalingrad

     22 days ago

    My wallet said to me don't watch this video.