Altaf Raja - Poori Family Ko Maar Dala | Kenny Sebastian & Kanan Gill

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, February 20, 2019
  • An original composition, Poori Family Ko Maar Dala is a song sung by the legendary Altaf Raja. The song features in the second sketch of the Amazon Prime Video special 'Sketchy Behaviour'.A bollywood legend in this own right, It was a delight and an honour to work with Altaf Raja on this track, Composed along with Nigel Rajaratnam.'Sketchy Behaviour' streaming now on Amazon Prime Video.
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  • Tani D

    Tani D

     6 months ago +787

    Kanan: I think just the idea of brutally murdering a whole family is
    Kenny: UNIQUE :)

  • Shaini Mohanty

    Shaini Mohanty

     6 months ago +99

    Kaise maara! Kaise maara!!😂😂

  • Dheeraj Shah

    Dheeraj Shah

     6 months ago +165

    Ye tumhare sketchey behaviour ke parts me aaega na? 😂😂❤️ Pathar se mara... Lol

  • InstruMental


     6 months ago +442

    This should be a theme tune for the Red Wedding!!

  • lyra ph

    lyra ph

     6 months ago +246

    How did he manage to sing without laughing??? True professionals !!! 😂

  • InstruMental


     6 months ago +300

    This duo has a separate fanbase!!

  • Purvi Jain

    Purvi Jain

     6 months ago +288

    Kenny, more chai time pleassseeee

  • Def young

    Def young

     6 months ago +195


  • sukrit varshney

    sukrit varshney

     6 months ago +113

    I would pay 2000 Rs to buy this on iTunes but I don't have any apple device.

  • Ashwini Hanumanthappa

    Ashwini Hanumanthappa

     6 months ago +99

    Kanan: just d idea of brutally murdering a whole family is...
    Kenny: UNIQUE😂😂

  • Priyadarshini Mishra

    Priyadarshini Mishra

     6 months ago +152

    Dayum! I'm a little too early.

  • Get Addycted

    Get Addycted

     6 months ago +42

    Y kenny's paavam mode is ON infront of altaf raja😂😂

  • Thorin Oakenshield

    Thorin Oakenshield

     6 months ago +80

    Kanan : He fit in the studio like a charm
    Kenny : yeah atleast 20 people can fit in the studio...

  • siddhant jadhav

    siddhant jadhav

     6 months ago +66

    2:58 Look at kenny sitting like a good boy😂😂😂💕
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  • Vidya Singh

    Vidya Singh

     6 months ago +23

    Who could have guessed that one day Kenny and Kanan will end up making a song on mass murder of a family?

  • 4Real


     6 months ago +41

    Kaise maara...Altaf Raja 2.0 😂😉

  • Debbie


     5 months ago +8

    "Ek hi bada pathar kaafi hota hai sar phodne ko" haha 3 comedians in the room

  • Harshita Jaiswal

    Harshita Jaiswal

     6 months ago +19

    livin couples ko bhi maar dala rofl 😂😂😂😂 wo to family bhi nai the

  • Isha Poojary

    Isha Poojary

     6 months ago +29

    I was laughing throughout this song uncontrollably 😂😂😂 puri family ko maar dala 😂😂😂

  • Kevin Mody

    Kevin Mody

     6 months ago +18

    Was the murder idea from naruto (itachi's backstory)