The (mostly) true story of hobo graffiti

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  • Published on:  Monday, July 16, 2018
  • What we know about hobo graffiti comes from hobos — a group that took pride in embellishing stories.

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    Hobos, or tramps, were itinerant workers and wanderers who illegally hopped freight cars on the newly expanding railroad in the United States in the late 19th century. They used graffiti, also known as tramp writing, as a messaging system to tell their fellow travelers where they were and where they were going. Hobos would carve or draw their road persona, or moniker, on stationary objects near railroad tracks, like water towers and bridges.

    But news stories at the time spread tales of a different kind of graffiti. They included coded symbols that were supposedly drawn on fence posts and houses to convey simple messages to tramps. Seeing an image of a cat on a fence post indicated “kind lady lives here,” for example. While this language probably existed to a certain extent, it certainly was not as widespread as the media led readers to believe. In reality, these stories were largely informed by hobos — a group that took pride in embellishing stories so they could remain elusive.
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    I saw some graffiti in a city in Socal with the USB and Wifi symbol. Started looking for a hotspot.

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    Ah, The Hobo Code. One of my favorite episodes of Mad Men.

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  • William Fisher

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    My great-grandmother's house was definitely marked. She would make biscuits and gravy for any hobo or drifter that knocked on her door but she never advertised that so her house had to be marked.

  • dick liddle

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    Same except it was my grandma in the house i grew up in my dad used to tell me stories

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    The one rule of the Hobo code is that you do not talk about the Hobo code

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    I thought the title said hobo giraffe, I’m disappointed

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