PA-GALS - Kahani Flatmates Ki - S02E01 | Mamta Ki New Roomie || Girliyapa Originals

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  • Published on:  Saturday, August 4, 2018
  • While Sonali tries to keep it together after Disha leaves, Mamta is still unable to move on. Finally Sonali has had enough, and they set out to find a new roommate for Mamta, but the task turns out to be far more difficult than they thought. They meet a string of crazy prospective roommates but will any of them be able to impress the gals? Watch the new season of #GirliyapaPagals !
    Here's a treat for you this Friendship Day. Enjoy!

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    Written by- Shreyasi Sharma, Chirag Ratna Singh
    Directed by- Nidhi Bisht
    Starring- Srishti Shrivastava as Mamta, Ronjini Chakraborty as Sonali and Akanksha Thakur as Wiki.
    Styling Partner- Shein and Idiot Theory
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  • Girliyapa


     5 months ago +1176

    Happy Friendship Day Guys! ❤️

  • se Nisha

    se Nisha

     5 hours ago


  • aryan singh

    aryan singh

     7 hours ago

    From 5:05 till 5:32 i couldnt stop laughing 😂😂😂😂

  • Meher Afrin

    Meher Afrin

     10 hours ago

    Srishti is so damn good..!!!!!!!

  • Divya Barman

    Divya Barman


    I love mamta yr....😂, mamta ka charactor or m bilkul ek jese h yr😂😂😂

  • Rozy Khan

    Rozy Khan



  • Sheeza Sufyan

    Sheeza Sufyan


    When will u upload new episode of girls hostel??

  • ideal world

    ideal world


    Her voice's like hina Khan similarly

  • Fatima zia

    Fatima zia

     2 days ago

    Lol just love her I'm also her huge fan

  • ibbad rsj

    ibbad rsj

     2 days ago

    ma to tma hi daikhnay k lea youtube open krta hu mumta I'm your die heart fan .you are a heart beat of this chennel.😍💓

  • ibbad rsj

    ibbad rsj

     2 days ago

    what about your hostel episode 4??

  • ibbad rsj

    ibbad rsj

     2 days ago

    i love your allll girliyapa episodes 👌❤

  • ibbad rsj

    ibbad rsj

     2 days ago

    i like you all love you best ho sub vip.😍

  • Vikas Hire

    Vikas Hire

     2 days ago

    Mandir k samne AANA hai.
    ANa batayegi.😂

  • Laxmi Thakur

    Laxmi Thakur

     3 days ago

    Mamat mast h

  • abdullah memon

    abdullah memon

     3 days ago

    Shrishti you too good...

  • Sanaa Rani

    Sanaa Rani

     4 days ago

    I love mamta mam

  • Sona Pradhan

    Sona Pradhan

     4 days ago

    I found what's the best part of watching girlyapa ..
    And the best part of this show is whenever I used have hard days and whenever I stuck on hard questions of chemistry and physics I just think of this girl Srishti.. her body language, her funny dialogues. I got a smile on my face...
    A big thanks to girlyapa ..

  • Shubhangi Ghadi

    Shubhangi Ghadi

     4 days ago


  • Karuna Sonawane

    Karuna Sonawane

     4 days ago

    Love u Srishti😘