Chaudhary - Amit Trivedi feat Mame Khan, Coke Studio @ MTV Season 2

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  • Published on:  Saturday, July 21, 2012
  • In a world where most love stories are about kids in love, this song is different. It's about a man's undying love towards a young girl. The village Choudhry is a powerful, restrained and successful man who falls in love with a young girl. This song teases those feelings. The feeling of helplessness, of giving into an emotion so strong, that one cannot even dream of fighting it! The lyrics in the song perfectly depict the difference in the lovers, where he is calm & restrained with a strong sense of propriety while she is young, enthusiastic & impulsive. Accompanied by the traditional khartal and sarangi, fused with drums and guitars, this is a completely new take on the Rajasthani folk music.Find the lyrics at 3Credits:Composer: Amit TrivediProducer: Amit TrivediLanguage: Hindi & MarwariLyrics: ShelleeVocals: Mame Khan Sarangi: Dilshad KhanDholak: Prasad MalandkarKhartal: Mohammed RafiqGuitar: Sanjoy DasDrums: Darshan DoshiKeys: Amit TrivediKeys: Jarvis MenezesBass: Rushad MistryGuitar: Shon PintoPercussion: Sanket AthaleBacking Vocalist: Thomson AndrewsBacking Vocalist: Ryan DiasBacking Vocalist: Deep PradhanBacking Vocalist: Gwen DiasBacking Vocalist: Shannon DonaldBacking Vocalist: Petula FernandesRecorded by: Steve Fitzmaurice, Ashish Manchanda (Flying Carpet Productions, Mumbai), assisted by Thorsten MullerMixed by Ashish Manchanda, Flying Carpet Productions, MumbaiMixed & Mastered by Shadab Rayeen at Amit's Mumbai and Premier Digital Mastering Studios, MumbaiSong Synopsis: Lukk - chipp na javo ji , manney deed karavo jiRae kyun tarsavey ho , manney sakal dikhavo jiThaari saraarat sabb jaanu main chaudhari MahaareyMahaarey hivdhey mein jaagi dhaunkaniRae chandaa main thaari chandni Maney daaman mein baandhi khusi Rae jhoom , jhoom ...  Jhoom jhoom baa jhoomMahaarey hivdhey mein jaagi dhaunkaniRae chandaa main thaari chandni Maney daaman mein baandhi khusi Rae jhoom , jhoom, Jhoom jhoom baa jhoomMoh re liya tanney aesa khela daav Khaavey hichkoley mahaarey mann ki naav Moh re liya tanney aesa khela daav Khaavey hichkoley mahaarey mann ki naav Thaari saraarat sabb jaanu main chaudhari Mahaarey se levo na panga ji main kehan lagiMahaarey hivdhey mein jaagi dhaunkaniRae chandaa main thaari chandni Maney daaman mein baandhi khusi Rae jhoom , jhoom, Jhoom jhoom baa jhoom.Mahaarey hivdhey mein jaagi dhaunkaniRae chandaa main thaari chandni Maney daaman mein baandhi khusi Rae jhoom , jhoom, Jhoom jhoom baa jhoom.Daal - bhaati khale aakey mahaarey gaanv Ghannaa ghera dala thara chokhaa chadhaa chaavDaal - bhaati khale aakey mahaarey gaanv Ghannaa ghera dala thara chokhaa chadhaa chaavThaari saraarat sabb jaanu main chaudhari Mahaarey se levo na panga ji main kehan lagiMahaarey hivdhey mein jaagi dhaunkaniRae chandaa main thaari chandni Maney daaman mein baandhi khusi Rae jhoom , jhoom, Jhoom jhoom baa jhoom !Mahaarey hivdhey mein jaagi dhaunkaniRae chandaa main thaari chandni Maney daaman mein baandhi khusi Rae jhoom , jhoom, Jhoom jhoom baa jhoom !Lukk - chipp na javo ji , manney deed karavo jiRae kyun tarsavey ho , manney sakal dikhavo jiThaari saraarat sabb jaanu main chaudhari Mahaarey se levo na pangaaji main kehan lagiMahaarey hivdhey mein jaagi dhaunkaniRae chandaa main thaari chandni Maney daaman mein baandhi khusi Rae jhoom , jhoom, Jhoom jhoom baa jhoomContext:A lover telling the beloved what he means to her and how his love has made her very happyand how his playful love has brought her heart alive.Meaning of the song:Lover asks her beloved "Chaudhary" (a title of a man from ethnic clans of Rajasthan/Haryanawho owns lands) to not test her patience anymore, but to meet her soon. As she is desperateto meet him and show him how happy she is and how his love has become the thread of hervery being. She exultingly compares herself to the light, of the moon, that he is, telling himthat her heart is in a trance, ever since he has come into her life. She says that he has got herhook, line, and sinker and playfully tells him that she understands all his tricks, as to how hedid that. She lures him to have Daal-Bhaati (a sweet dish) that she has especially prepared forhim, just so that she can see him again. She says that she has filled the dish with lot of Ghee(butter) to add to the taste, just as his love has beautifully brightened her very being.
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  • FillUpMySenses


     3 years ago +2413

    Enough of baby doll etc. This is the type of Music India inherits and should go after. Love from Pakistan.

  • Sunita Singhal

    Sunita Singhal

     2 months ago +454

    This will tell how many listening it after may 2019
    Kill the like button...

  • Imran Sahir

    Imran Sahir

     6 months ago +90

    India is love. Love wrapped in endless colors.
    From Pakistan.

  • Raghavendra singh chouhan

    Raghavendra singh chouhan

     6 months ago +567

    do we deserve any Grammy in folk category for this music direction?

  • Fot Guru

    Fot Guru

     5 months ago +42

    No one noticed the percussionist going from dhol to tabla and changing the beats as well .... very tough job at 3:40

  • Cherifa O

    Cherifa O

     7 months ago +2222

    I'm moroccan. 3 years ago i discovered this masterpiece and every time i listen to it i imagine myself in rajasthan walking in the streets wearing a sari and enjoying a sunny day.
    I was only 14 years old when i first fell in love with India and rajasthan has always been my favorite state. I see in it the grace and royalty that never existed anywhere. please pray for me to visit this land one day.
    Jai hind !

  • m p

    m p

     5 months ago +227

    Rip for 2 minutes to all those who think Rajasthan is just a #Desert 🏜... 😂..
    Udaipur (lake city),
    Jodhpur (blue city /sun city),
    Jaipur (pink city),
    Mount Abu (hill station),
    Aravali mountain Range...
    We have all these in our state so stop thinking that Rajasthan is only desert...
    (btw interesting to see so many people from Turkey coming here because BALIKA VADHU is popular there even today and sometimes it trend in youtube there).

  • nattu's official

    nattu's official

     5 months ago +70

    Have no words to explain the beauty of this song. This is such a masterpeice that I heared it more than 100 times and Im still not satisfied. I love My INDIA❤

  • PristinePerceptions


     5 months ago +189

    A special shout out to the musicians! Just look at them man, they look so happy performing this! This song was the first time I saw a guitar like this. The irsad sounds so beautiful! The percussion guy is juggling so many instruments so fluently. The drummer is on point for every beat. And I've never heard the khartal played so well - most songs just keep it in the background, probably because composers themselves don't know how to use it. Every single person involved with this song has been gold.

  • Kamal Sharma

    Kamal Sharma

     5 months ago +1748

    Who's still listening this song in 2019 ?

  • Prashant Gopinathan

    Prashant Gopinathan

     3 years ago +1238

    This song is an ANTI DEPRESSANT! :)

  • ema madani

    ema madani

     5 months ago +86

    I am from Sudan..and i feel like my soul went all the way to Rajisthan <3

  • Cardi B

    Cardi B

     2 months ago +25

    From Turkey 🇹🇷
    This song great ❤️

  • Megamind Rohit

    Megamind Rohit

     1 months ago +27

    Voice of Rajasthan
    Proud to be Rajasthani... 🙏

  • shank Cain

    shank Cain

     6 months ago +24

    When i first start my engg in rajasthan i used to hate dal bati but as time goes on i become hard core bati eater.Thats the love you get in Rajasthan.
    For party and fun no place can beat Rajasthan.

  • Shahrukh Alam

    Shahrukh Alam

     a years ago +1365

    Meaning of this song in English:-
    Don't play hide and seek with me
    Show me Your glimpse
    Why are You testing me
    Show me Your face
    I know all Your mischiefs, My beloved
    Don't You mess with me
    I am saying this
    In my heart there arose a heart-beat
    Oh Moon of mine! I am Your moonlight
    In my dupatta I have bundled happiness
    (Dupatta is a cloth covering the top of a dress, a scarf)
    Dance ceaselessly
    You have charmed me, You've played such a game
    The boat of my heart is swaying (surviving hiccups)
    I know all Your mischiefs, My beloved
    Don't You mess with me
    I am saying this
    In my heart there arose a heart-beat
    Oh Moon of mine! I am Your moonlight
    In my dupatta, I have bundled happiness
    Dance ceaselessly
    Come and eat Daal-Baati in my village
    (Daal-Baati is a delicacy of Rajasthan state popular throughout India)
    I've put a lot of Ghee in it, so that its taste multiplies
    (Ghee is a fat, produced from milk, richer than oil which is used in India for cooking
    and or decorating food with richness)
    I know all Your mischiefs, My beloved
    Don't You mess with me
    I am saying this
    In my heart there arose a heart-beat
    Oh Moon of mine! I am Your moonlight
    In my dupatta, I have bundled happiness
    Dance ceaselessly
    Don't play hide and seek with me
    Show me Your glimpse
    Why are You testing me
    Show me Your face
    I know all Your mischiefs, My beloved
    Don't You mess with me
    I am saying this
    In my heart there arose a heart-beat
    Oh Moon of mine! I am Your moonlight
    In my dupatta, I have bundled happiness
    Dance ceaselessly

  • Feelings Bucket

    Feelings Bucket

     6 months ago +70


  • superdude vk

    superdude vk

     5 months ago +117

    I am Rajasthani and guys it feels so good to see so much love for Rajasthan in comments ❤️❤️❤️

  • akshat kothari

    akshat kothari

     5 months ago +17

    At 6:00 when it turns fast Everytime gives me goosebumps

  • Aman sachdeva

    Aman sachdeva

     2 months ago +38

    Trivedi is new diamond in music masterpieces and making unity shine across boundaries’re great man keep up good work ,wish to hear you live 🌟