The Google Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL WASN'T MADE FOR YOU! 🤫

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  • Published on:  Sunday, May 12, 2019
  • The Google Pixel 3a & Pixel 3a XL WASN'T MADE FOR YOU! This isn't the Pixel 3a XL review you were expecting. If you were upset about Pixel 3a specs, it isn't for you 🔥Save Money & Earn Rewards FREE, Plus get a $10 Bonus with SWAGBUCKS: (sponsored)🔊Help Me Start a PODCAST:👕MERCH: and get 5% OFF with code PIXELPEEPERPURCHASE THE PIXEL 3a & 3a XL:- Amazon: B&H: Best Buy: LINKS --🔥Google Nexus Is Dead and the Pixel Killed it:🎥EPIC Google Pixel 3 XL Photography:😮The ONEPLUS 7 PRO Will Pull of What Samsung Couldn't: FOLLOW ME and BE IN COMMUNITY ---👨‍👩‍👧‍👦Community DISCORD CHAT:🐦Twitter:📷Instagram:👤Facebook:🌎MY WEBSITE MY TECH ---📸 Here's a convenient place to find out what GEAR I use!🎶Where I get my MUSIC:▶️YOUTUBERS you have to use TubeBuddy. It's what I use (affiliate):📖HELP CLOSE CAPTION & TRANSLATE:🌅Where to get the WALLPAPERS I use: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. I utilize affiliate links and may receive a commission from them, and at times may receive items for review from various brands. Despite that, I promise to always provide an honest & an unbiased as possible review because you deserve the best. All sponsorships will be clearly stated because transparency & trust are important to me!
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  • This is Tech Today

    This is Tech Today

     3 months ago +36

    🔥Save Money & Earn Rewards FREE, Plus get a $10 Bonus with SWAGBUCKS: (sponsored)
    🚨 ️QOTD: Was the Pixel 3a meant for you? Do you not care about all of the specs but just want to use a phone that works well and has some meaningful features or are you the type that cares about the processor, the RAM, and other specs? If it isn't for you, who do you think it is for? Leave a comment below!
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  • Official Filmilen

    Official Filmilen

     3 months ago +487

    Google Pixel 3a and 3a XL was made for me. Its a perfect smartphone

  • A M

    A M

     3 months ago +172

    To be perfectly honest, this is the device I was waiting for someone to make. I work in tech, I sell expensive tech, it's my life. But I refuse to pay for it because I don't USE any of it. I don't need a Snapdragon 8 processor, I have never ONCE used wireless charging on any phone I've bought with it and frankly, it makes me angry that the back of my phone is glass. I've had it replaced 5 times on my other devices. My checklist was simple:
    1) No glass back.
    2) Low price.
    3) Great camera.
    4) Reasonable 'idle gaming' ability.
    The Pixel 3a was a no-brainer. I bought four for my whole family.

  • B. Omar Hester

    B. Omar Hester

     3 months ago +220

    This phone costs the same as my last phones screen replacement

  • Mad World Productions

    Mad World Productions

     3 months ago +244

    The a probably stands for affordable

  • William Fugere

    William Fugere

     3 months ago +337

    The headphone jack is worth $399 by itself

  • Jude Njilah

    Jude Njilah

     3 months ago +252

    Great honest review.
    I like the fact that Google is taking the midrange seriously

  • superdaddys69


     3 months ago +204

    Yes, finally someone who actually is listening to costumers. Phones should not cost over $500. Period.
    Kudos for the return of the headphone jack! ❤️
    ...oh yes, the A = Awesome Google!

  • Stego Saurus

    Stego Saurus

     3 months ago +90

    After this phone there is absolutely no reason to buy 1000.00 phones anymore. Glass back phones break easy, IP 68 and 67 are useless if the phone gets wet and damages the phone. All water resistant phone ha e a warning about getting them's not covered under the manufacturer warranty. Wireless charging is nice as long as you don't need to pick it up and use it while it's charging...a plug in charger allows me to pick up the phone and use it at the same time. If you are a spec nerd this is not your phone. If you just want THE best Android phone that does what it says it will do....get this phone. Google just crushed the competition with phone takes me back to the Nexus phones of back in the day. Thank you Google!! This phone is for the working people on a budget who don't try to keep up with YouTube tech reviewers buy buying into having the best specs which such a massive waste of money.

  • Daniel Peron

    Daniel Peron

     3 months ago +50

    I am a tech enthusiast, not your mam or dad or grandma. But I also love reasonableness and good "delight/price" ratio. I have the 3a XL and it's an amazing phone, I don't get why people spend 1000$ or € when you can have the same experience for half the price. Great review btw!

  • Will Arnold

    Will Arnold

     3 months ago +220

    a ffordable......

  • Always Sunny In Sun City

    Always Sunny In Sun City

     3 months ago +144

    3a. good camera, headphone jack, good display, NOT AN APPLE PRODUCT

  • M Morales

    M Morales

     3 months ago +52

    That mom representation was accurate AF🤣😂

  • For The Nerds

    For The Nerds

     3 months ago +55

    The a just means its affordable and affordable means its made exactly for my broke student loan debt a**. Great video

  • Bojo David

    Bojo David

     2 months ago +44

    It's for people who don't want to spend $800+ on a phone.

  • alwaysbusiness4


     3 months ago +35


  • sooraj sai

    sooraj sai

     3 months ago +82

    Im gonna buy, just because of this video, your explanation was lit bro.

  • Jim Harris

    Jim Harris

     3 months ago +27

    iPhone exhaustion. Traded a poor battery life 6S for this and wow. Ultra easy transition to Android and it helps I have been loving a Pixelbook for the last two years. (I haven't needed a waterproof phone since I dropped a Blackberry in a urinal in 2002. Lesson learned...)

  • George Marrero

    George Marrero

     3 months ago +58

    The whole mom shopping skit was hilarious. I definitely subbed after that 😂🤣

  • Weyoun319


     5 hours ago

    I got my son a 3a at a t mobile store and the sales dude was impressed when I showed him the Pixel , 2xl and 3xl for my whole family lol