Bajaj Chetak 2018 Model With New Features | Bajaj Plans To Re-Launch Chetak Scooters | VTube Telugu

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, July 25, 2018
  • Bajaj Chetak 2018 Model With New Features. Bajaj Plans To Re-Launch Chetak Scooters in India. watch out this full video to know it better. For more latest interesting updates stay tuned to VTube Telugu.
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  • Mayank Tiwari

    Mayank Tiwari

     2 days ago


  • Babu Thayyil

    Babu Thayyil

     2 months ago

    My bajaj scooter 25years old..its seat very comfortable. It start one small kick. Although i bought TVs Jupiter, my favourite scooter only bajaj. Now also i am riding with my old scooter with 100% confidence.please restart bajaj scooter in style.1993January1St week i bought my bajaj scooter by the blessing of my father and mother. I will keep it for the memory of my loving parents......

  • Ravi Kishore

    Ravi Kishore

     2 months ago

    Sigguledu fake news

  • Ramu Reddy

    Ramu Reddy

     2 months ago

    I'm first driving in Bajaj chetak

  • Suguru Eshwar

    Suguru Eshwar

     2 months ago

    Showroom Ekada first open avudi i buy this bike

  • M Sreenivas

    M Sreenivas

     3 months ago

    //Baja chetak has been a household name even today, may it be nostalgia now that the scooter has been in oblivion for quite sometime, with revolution in motorbikes dominating its space in recent times. However, market could not just do away with the pressing need of scooters. And for sometime now, scooters a of all hues have made a return to market.
    //Yet, scooter even today reminds one of the sweet memorories of bajaj chetak. Once it is back in the market, making sure that it has all its original features, if not more, people will just love to revert back to this marvel.
    //If Baja offers these vehicles, besides normal sale, on exchange of old scooter of any make, chetak will become the blockbuster, nearly wiping out its competeitors.
    //Traditional advantage with this scooter, predominantly, is its stepeny, which serves dual purpose of being an extremely useful spare tyre, and a secure protectctive prop for the pillion rider. And for a lady pillion, it is a carefree and safest protection. Besides, it has larger leg space, and a big enough dashboard cabinet. It has competitive speed range and reasonably fuel-efficient.
    //Can anybody ask for more!!!! Yes, most of the customers would prefer the geared model; hence, Bajaj needs to focus on this issue. Sreenivas M.

  • Kenan şen

    Kenan şen

     3 months ago


  • pradeep S.A.K

    pradeep S.A.K

     3 months ago


  • Habeeb Sayed

    Habeeb Sayed

     3 months ago

    Good but miloge 90 vachela tayaru cheyamanadi

  • kala dar

    kala dar

     3 months ago

    Scooter la thobaatu malli 90s music players(cd ,cassette) at least walkman lu wasthe enthabaaguntundho devudo devuda.

  • Tholeti Manohar

    Tholeti Manohar

     3 months ago +1

    Bajaj company mee channel tho chappindha

  • Babu56569 Babu56569

    Babu56569 Babu56569

     3 months ago

    బజాజ్ చేతక్""4స్టోక్""తో విడుదల చేస్తేబాగుంటుంది సార్

  • M.Mallesh


     3 months ago

    Wow super

  • alokg chand

    alokg chand

     3 months ago


  • alokg chand

    alokg chand

     3 months ago

    రెట్ ఎమి చెప్తవ్

  • Srinu Babu

    Srinu Babu

     3 months ago +1

    I love Chetak classic my first bike Bajaj Chetak classic

  • Surendra Bodasu

    Surendra Bodasu

     3 months ago

    Ippudu evadu kontarra vatini malli

  • gautham sastry

    gautham sastry

     3 months ago +9

    Allar wheels yentey nee yankamma alloy wheels

  • chinni mmchowdary chinni mmchowdary

    chinni mmchowdary chinni mmchowdary

     3 months ago +3

    Fake news



     3 months ago

    🌷🙏👌 heartly thanking to
    M/S Bajaj company Pvt India
    Thanking to industry, director, research and development 💞 development of Bajaj industry Bajaj company💐 thanks so much for information 🤗🤗🤗🤗😘😘