twenty one pilots - ERS2016 (Highlight 05)

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  • Published on:  Saturday, July 9, 2016
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  • Kiley M.

     3 years ago

    Petition to make Tyler listen to his wife and wear the protection (for falling)

  • Keira King

     6 months ago

    He's only falling because he's taking his time on his ride.

  • [GD] Goose Crack

     1 years ago

    vøid vibes I did not think about that until you mentioned it fuck

  • kaitlyn

     3 years ago

    I don't know if I'm more jealous of Jenna for having Tyler or Tyler for having Jenna

  • creative username

     1 years ago

    I've never related to anything more

  • M Ambrose

     2 years ago

    Lmao I'm super gay for Jenna also just in general

  • tara

     3 years ago

    where can i find myself a jenna

  • Ethan Paints

     1 years ago

    Honestly I can’t decide if I want a Jenna or a Tyler

  • Olga Santarnecchi

     2 years ago

    Tara F lol

  • hannah

     3 years ago

    want someone to look at me the way josh looks at oreos

  • goldie hoy

     3 years ago

    Amen!! (and same)

  • Shooketh

     3 years ago

    I want Josh to look at me the way he looks at Tyler

  • liv

     3 years ago

    What I love:-These highlights-Tyler, Josh, Jenna-Jenna's concern for Tyler-Tyler and Jenna's witty comebacks-the inspirational messages from Josh-Tyler's little "what?" when Josh put his arm around him-Josh's face at the oreos-Josh dunks his oreos in milk for a proper length of time-somebody decided to film Josh eating oreos right before a show

  • Spooks

     2 years ago

    a name a face and a seat at the table I think it was actually before the Encore. Because in another video it showed the two beans getting excited over their 'Encoreos' as they put it, and Ty and Jish both ate them before going back out on stage for the encore the friends wanted. It's a super cute little vid, you definitely need to find it. xD

  • Nicole K

     3 years ago

    This was my favourite highlight video so far omg. Jenna was included, Josh talked to fans about the band, Tyler was cute as always, and the end... OMG When Josh ate his oreos I almost cried lmao. Yes, I almost cried because this band messes with my emotions (in a good way).

  • Julieta Sol Palmerio

     3 years ago

    "YEAAAH BABY" of Josh eating the oreo is priceless!

  • Sofia Joseph

     3 years ago

    igual :D

  • Miranda Rodriguez

     3 years ago

    is no one else losing their shit when Josh says "oh baby"

  • Janeisnotgettingyelledat

     11 months ago

    These replies are gold

  • jj the hesitant alien

     2 years ago

    I almost choked when he said that

  • Twenty Paphonies

     2 years ago

    What did we ever do to deserve Josh Dun

  • Katie Volker

     3 years ago

    jenna's story about the elbow pads and josh's pure joy at seeing oreos on the ground and tyler wanting everything to seem way more dramatic than it was ,,, I lov E t his ba nd

  • Perfect Fools

     2 years ago

    and the music is pretty good too

  • Sydney G

     2 years ago


  • daisy

     3 years ago

    I don't want Tyler getting hurt for us........

  • GangstaMitch05 Vlogs

     2 years ago

    Facepalm your pictures creepy

  • Yasmine xx

     2 years ago

    i always worry about him though