THE LION KING (1994) Scene: "Run away..."/Simba escapes.

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  • Published on:  Saturday, March 25, 2017
  • After the tragic death of Mufasa (James Earl Jones), Scar (Jeremy Irons) urges Simba (Jonathan Taylor Thomas) to run away hoping he suffers the same fate as his father.

    'The Lion King' - A film by Roger Allers & Rob Minkoff.

    Starring: Matthew Broderick, James Earl Jones, Jeremy Irons, Moira Kelly, Nathan Lane, Robert Guillaume, Whoopi Goldberg & Jonathan Taylor Thomas.
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  • Brett Soyars

    Brett Soyars

     4 days ago +1

    You notice the Hyena's made one mistake. They didn't kill Simba. Shenzi: He's as good as dead out there anyways, Banzi: If you ever come back we'll kill ya. Someday Simba would return. You can only run for so long before you some day have to face your past, It wasn't a question over how much it would eat Simba up inside, Just on whether or not you care what's right/what you must do & for the right purposes. But in this shot I must say that 1:35 is my favorite scene where Banzi jumps up in the air after landing in the thorn patch.

  • Doobie1975


     7 days ago +1

    The one scene where I thought Scar was a total idiot in was when he confesses to Simba that he killed Mufasa.

  • Doobie1975


     7 days ago

    The look on Scar's face at 0:25 makes me want to punch him.

  • Justiceorelse


     7 days ago

    "If you ever come back, we'll kill ya"
    Disney new they couldn't put that line in the new Lion King in this day in age

  • Anthony Busch

    Anthony Busch

     7 days ago

    1:35 And, That’s what you get for killing Mufasa

  • Joshua Lowe

    Joshua Lowe

     7 days ago

    Killing your brother and blaming the murder on your son is one of the LOWEST things you can do!

  • raven dark heart

    raven dark heart

     7 days ago

    Face first into thorns. I'm surprised he didn't get thorns in his eyes

  • Raymond Nguyen

    Raymond Nguyen

     14 days ago +1

    I’m here to clean myself off from the remake

  • GM Sturm

    GM Sturm

     14 days ago

    This is how I felt when I finally was allowed to leave the hospital after my brain tumor was removed.

  • Stanisław Gesek

    Stanisław Gesek

     28 days ago

    ładne będe was miał chłopaki

  • Joshua Lowe

    Joshua Lowe

     a months ago

    Hans: committed ATTEMPTED murder.


  • Stephen Barnes

    Stephen Barnes

     a months ago

    Kill him...😑😈

  • Moise Valle

    Moise Valle

     a months ago

    😕Why dose the hyena din't eat? mufasa..🤔

  • Joshua Lowe

    Joshua Lowe

     a months ago

    I wonder how Zira would react to this....

  • Rich 88

    Rich 88

     a months ago +2

    0:50 Scar: Kill Him!
    ◾ The Lion King 1994
    ◾ The Lion King 2019

  • Lord Duckly

    Lord Duckly

     a months ago +1

    The thumbnail is the same face scar did when he was close to falling off the cliff “in the final battle”

  • MOCMationFilm


     a months ago

    Live action version was more emotional

  • Glenn Garner

    Glenn Garner

     2 months ago

    It was scars fault he did it simba didn't do it scar just don't wanna blame himself

  • A Dumond

    A Dumond

     2 months ago

    This scene is brutal. Scarring simba like that for life. And showing no mercy when sending the heyenas to kill/drive away Simba

  • Blazing Nerd

    Blazing Nerd

     3 months ago +3

    God I’ve always loved how scar just so calmly goes, kill him.