THE LION KING (1994) Scene: "Run away..."/Simba escapes.

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  • Published on:  Saturday, March 25, 2017
  • After the tragic death of Mufasa (James Earl Jones), Scar (Jeremy Irons) urges Simba (Jonathan Taylor Thomas) to run away hoping he suffers the same fate as his father.'The Lion King' - A film by Roger Allers & Rob Minkoff.Starring: Matthew Broderick, James Earl Jones, Jeremy Irons, Moira Kelly, Nathan Lane, Robert Guillaume, Whoopi Goldberg & Jonathan Taylor Thomas.
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  • AL C

    AL C

     5 months ago +601

    Never trust a lion with a sinister British accent

  • ChrisManley1994


     8 months ago +1031

    “..............Kill him.” Scar says that with literally NO EMOTION KNOWING he’s just set three hyenas on his own Nephew. Anyone who says he ISN’T the best Disney villain is deluded!

  • D Clark

    D Clark

     11 months ago +485

    Scar was definitely one of the evilest Disney villains EVER. He just couldn't stop with Mufasa, so he said "Kill him" to have Simba dead too. The mind of a psychopath.

  • Pokémon Master Eddie

    Pokémon Master Eddie

     1 months ago +96

    The fact that scar even comforts Simba hugs him and then says kill him proves he’s truly evil and wicked

  • simsaddict


     a years ago +491

    Ain't no way I'm going in there. What, you want me to come out lookin like you, cactus butt?
    That line always made me laugh.

  • ThePixarBall’s Origin

    ThePixarBall’s Origin

     4 months ago +215

    Still can’t believe Shenzi was voiced by Whoopi Goldberg. She was so young back then, only 39!!!

  • Proud Kiwi

    Proud Kiwi

     4 months ago +329

    I came after watching the live action trailer. From the new scars delivery of "Run away and never return." I can already tell he won't live up to Jeremy Irons performance.

  • VelvetPaws


     10 months ago +152

    “There ain’t no way I’m going out there....what do u think I wanna come out looking like u? Cactus butt?” 😂

  • Ralph Roi Mallare

    Ralph Roi Mallare

     4 months ago +384

    Anyone here to compare Jeremy Iron's Scar to the new Scar that was just shown in the new Live Action Lion King Trailer?
    Just me? k. Jeremy Irons killed it. Wish the new Scar sounded more menacing.

  • Not A Doctor

    Not A Doctor

     4 months ago +229

    That stupid remake will NEVER capture the emotion of the original.

  • JackassJunior627


     9 months ago +116

    Fun fact; Hyenas are not dogs, so they would never bark or growl or make any dog like noises. They are actually related to weasels.

  • TelePhotoLens


     1 months ago +36

    Disney wasted it's time and money doing a remake. Nothing will ever top this masterpiece.

  • Isaiah Reitan

    Isaiah Reitan

     11 months ago +89

    0:50 they way he says it gives me shivers

  • Shadow Tiger

    Shadow Tiger

     a years ago +250

    Putting aside the tragedy, banzai made this scene the funniest thing to me.

  • TheElephantQueen 17

    TheElephantQueen 17

     a years ago +101

    1:34 Shenzi looks like she's enjoying herself a little too much there XD

  • Kazza Kk

    Kazza Kk

     4 months ago +79

    Scar is the biggest bad guy of all he has no emotions he killed is brother then got his hyenas to kill his nephew and he said kill him with no emotions

  • Tristan Faulkner

    Tristan Faulkner

     7 months ago +107

    One supposed plot hole people point out with this scene is that Scar could have just killed Simba right there instead of sending the hyena's and giving Simba a chance to run, but that is not a plot hole, want to know why? Lions have a very keen sense of smell, if Scar had killed Simba himself, the pride, especially Sarabi who would know her son's scent anywhere, would have smelled Simba's blood on him and realized what happened.

  • California Beauty 1995

    California Beauty 1995

     20 hours ago +1

    1:37- 1:54 most realistic depiction of life with siblings (assuming they’re brothers and sister)

  • Alexander Brouwers

    Alexander Brouwers

     10 months ago +52

    1:28-1:30 Shenzi and Banzai are like “Uh-oh! Hit the brakes!”

  • jesus parra

    jesus parra

     2 months ago +19

    " the sun will set on my time here, and will rise with you as the new king" -Mufasa