10 Times Grammy Awards Caused Celebrity Controversy

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, February 5, 2019
  • Grammy Awards Aren't Without Controversy And 2019 Is No Different. Subscribe to our channel: https://goo.gl/hHvOf8 Most people think of the annual Grammy Awards as a beautiful evening filled with glamorous outfits and amazing musical performances. But this long time staple of the entertainment has a dark side, and more than its fair share of controversies. Alicia Keys is hosting the 2019 Grammys, but she’s only the sixth woman in the shows decades long history to do so. Academy head Neil Portnow has announced he will be stepping down amidst allegations of misappropriating funds, and an inflammatory statement he made about female performers. Even huge stars like Lorde have been caught up in the controversies surrounding female artists at the Grammys. After learning more about some of the Grammys darker moments, what do you think of the award show overall? Is it still worth watching, or does it need to become a thing of the past? Tell us what you think in the comments and then click subscribe for more from TheTalko.-------------------Our Social Media:Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheTalkoTwitter: https://twitter.com/thetalkoInstagram: https://instagram.com/the_talko-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------For more videos and articles visit:http://www.thetalko.com/
  • Source: https://youtu.be/0V_NUXSHHmk


  • Eda Shala

    Eda Shala

     6 months ago +699


  • Ariana Gomez

    Ariana Gomez

     6 months ago +305

    Grammys became a joke when in 1996 Mariah Carey had 6 nominations and got 0 Grammys. Her album sold over 25 million copies,Fantasy spent 8 weeks at number one and One sweet day spent 16 weeks at number one

  • Skinny Bad bitch

    Skinny Bad bitch

     6 months ago +447

    Bebe rehexa is beautiful and Demi too they should not hate on them

  • Rob J

    Rob J

     6 months ago +420

    The Grammy's have become political. It's not about the music, it's about giving everybody an 8th place trophy...

  • sʏᴏᴏɢᴀ


     6 months ago +153

    Grammys cant prove talent. Only the entire universe know who has one or doesnt.

  • WingStorm2.0


     6 months ago +223

    Bebe Rexha deserves a GRAMMY BUT NOT THE BEST NEW ARTIST it's a curse 😪💎

  • Jyoti sunuwar

    Jyoti sunuwar

     6 months ago +170

    Back in 1987 ...Grammy was unfair with Michael Jackson album .BAD..one of the best selling album of all time ....and there are some other stories ....but I will be watching this year Grammy for BTS appearance only ...

  • ma rk

    ma rk

     6 months ago +16

    Nicki has been in the game for 10 years and no nominations this year. Cardi gets nominated for best Rap song, the song she got nominated for was "Be Careful" Ya'll... I can't lmao.. Nicki's album 'Queen' was one of her best produced albums, and to have it be just shutdown by some white dudes in suits.
    Also, I enjoy Cardi and Nicki's songs, but we can all agree that Nicki's legacy is far more impressive than what Cardi's been doing..

  • Robert Alvarez

    Robert Alvarez

     6 months ago +76

    Personally, I have not watched the Grammy's for several years; frankly, I got sick and tired of the politics behind it, and seeing artists that truly deserved to win an award not even receive one, or even a nomination. I do not miss it at all.

  • blaze hi

    blaze hi

     6 months ago +34

    The chris brown and rihanna part not necessary

  • basorexia


     6 months ago +144

    How about the biggest Grammy controversy ever in 1996 when Mariah Carey was nominated for 6 categories but didn't win any??? Daydream album had 3 Number #1 singles - Fantasy, Always Be My Baby and One Sweet Day (longest running #1 song in history for 16 weeks). These songs remain in people's mind and you cannot deny that Mariah dominated that year. She was completely and unfairly shut out.

  • Audacity OfYouth

    Audacity OfYouth

     6 months ago +43

    Y'all are flawed for that thumbnail lol. Leave that woman alone.

  • itzMe


     6 months ago +37

    I think SZA should have won but Alessia is also amazing

  • Simply Simone

    Simply Simone

     6 months ago +49

    Alessia dis not deserve all the hate she got. She was snubbed in 2017 and the grammys made her a scapegoat in 2018.

  • Dale Boxsell

    Dale Boxsell

     6 months ago +147

    Let’s hope they don’t screw up the awards this year (2019) like they did in 2018.

  • slim roberto

    slim roberto

     6 months ago +22

    The grammys is broken eminem said it on his interview few months ago

  • Keisha Morris

    Keisha Morris

     6 months ago +35

    This is why I stopped watching award shows. They are a waste of time.

  • Alex Leal

    Alex Leal

     6 months ago +16


  • Christian Dzema

    Christian Dzema

     6 months ago +71

    With the amount of women killing it in the industry, they SHOULD be represented but maybe I’m crazy 🙄 but y’all know I’m perfectly sane......

  • Riri Cena

    Riri Cena

     6 months ago +165

    BTS crying in their dorm, probably.
    Ma Boys going to Grammy bichesssssss