Neeve - Telugu Musical Dance Video | Phani Kalyan | Gomtesh Upadhye

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  • Published on:  Saturday, October 8, 2016
  • Check out the brand new music video PREMA In 4 languages here: to help us make more such music videos: subscribe, because some new music videos are coming up in sep oct. :-)Check out my other tracks at the track on iTunes: Check out the other two versions here Kannada Credits #Neeve #Neeye #NeeneNeeve Featuring Shreya Deshpande and Niranjan Harish Written and Directed by Gomtesh UpadhyeMusic Composed by Phani Kalyan Choreography by Vishwakiran Nambi Song lyrics by SreeJoSingers : Yazin Nizar and Sameera BharadwajDirector of Photography Gomtesh Upadhye and Akshay RaoAssociate Director Cyril John Song Recording Arranged, Programmed by: V.S BharanShehnai: BaleshRecorded at KF Studio, ChennaiMixed & Mastered by: Pradeep Menon at AM Studios, ChennaiDirection and Cinematography team Shankar Bhagavath ShashikanthMilind Munavalli Colorist Tom Jose Editing team Gomtesh Upadhye Mani BT Cyril John Shashikanth DI first look Dibin Vijay Costumes by Niveditha Kaverappa Vishwakiran Nambi Live Sound Shashikanth Sound Engineer Jude Periera Foley Mix Ganesan SekarGuest Appearance Vishwakiran NambiGimbal Team (Indierigs, Bengaluru)Rabi Kisku Jithin Sagar Sandeep Preetham Roop Drone Sunil, Top ShotTitles and designs Karan Acharya Shot on Nikon (Nikon professional Services, Bengaluru)Crowd funding partner Zingohub Rental partners Book My Lens (Bengaluru)Location Partners Magnum Arena MLR Convention Centre , Whitefield Brigade Group SMR Janapriya Aayana Yoga Academy Thank you (location partners) Ramesh Kumar (Brigade Hospitality) Kiran(MLR)Murali P Reddy Divakar KB Sandeep Reddy Rajnarayan Reddy Anand Mertia Regeesh Vattakandy
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  • tejasri nuthakki

    tejasri nuthakki

     2 months ago +1116

    Whose watching it still In 2019? Make this blue thumb

  • Sthitadheesh Nelapatla

    Sthitadheesh Nelapatla

     7 months ago +1202

    Anyone in 2019???

  • vineeth k

    vineeth k

     4 days ago +26

    Any one watching this masterpiece in
    August 2019?

  • sathish reddy

    sathish reddy

     4 months ago +384

    Any one who think will watch in 2020 😀

  • kaligithi shashi

    kaligithi shashi

     7 months ago +540

    how many of u are watching in 2019😍L(*OεV*)E

  • meghal chembilingan

    meghal chembilingan

     1 months ago +135

    Any one watching it in July 2019??

  • Reddy Nischitha

    Reddy Nischitha

     2 months ago +185

    Anyone from June 2019...
    Neeve neeve😍😍💑

  • king vishnu videos

    king vishnu videos

     7 months ago +316

    Who still listening/watching in 2019

  • Sharma Vemuri

    Sharma Vemuri

     2 years ago +693

    తొలి ప్రణయము నీవే
    తెలి మనసున నీవే
    ప్రేమ ఝల్లువే
    నీవే... నీవే

    కలలు మొదలు నీవే
    మనసు కడళి అలలు నీవల్లే
    కనులు తడుపు నీవే
    కలత చెరుపు నీవే
    చివరి మలుపు నీవే
    యెటు కదిలిన నీవే
    నను వదిలిన నీవే
    యెదో మాయవే
    మది వెతికిన నీడే
    మనసడిగిన తోడే
    నా జీవమే
    నిలువనీదు క్షణమైనా
    వదలనన్న నీధ్యాస
    కలహమైన సుఖమల్లే
    మారుతున్న సంబరం
    ఒకరికొకరు యెదురైతే
    నిమిషమైన యుగమేగా
    ఓక్కొసారి కనుమరుగై
    ఆపకింక ఊపిరి
    గడిచిన కథ నీవే
    నడిపిన విధి నీవే
    నా ప్రాణమే
    పాదం ...
    వెతికిన ప్రతి తీరం
    తెలిపిన శశిదీపం
    నీ స్నేహమే
    నీ జతే విడిచే
    ఊహనే తాలనులే
    వేరొక జగమే
    నేనిక యెరుగనులే
    గుండెలోని లయ నీవే
    నాట్యమాడు శ్రుతి నేనే
    నువ్వు నేను మనమైతే
    అదో కావ్యమే

    నను గెలిచిన సైన్యం
    నను వెతికిన గమ్యం
    నీవె నా వరం
    ప్రెమే ...
    తొలి కదలికలోనే
    మనసులు ముడివేసే
    ఇదో సాగరం

  • Deepika DSNL

    Deepika DSNL

     9 months ago +336

    My mother tongue is Telugu. But I was bought up in tamilnadu. I know both Tamil and Telugu completely. From the beginning I use to tell Tamil is the best. There is no other language to compete with its lyrics... But now I tell my mother tongue is the best😍😍😍



     7 months ago +57

    I have been watching this video when it was 2.5 Millions of views . Now It croses 10 Millions of views.Music througouly melts my 💓 heart whenever I listen !! You Tube Mai Kya Chal ra hai?? Absolutely (Neeve song ) instead of Fogg (Lol!!). Some songs come and goes but Neeve song never vanishes from heart !!

  • alivebcozofu


     2 days ago

    This song is beyond a drug 😍 Never boring since years



     3 months ago +94

    Anyone in april 2019?

  • abhiofgit001


     yesterday +1

    It's like more than 3 years since I am watching this video and I have a strong desire to re-shoot this video with me playing as the dancer. I am a yoga enthusiast and want to dance for this song. Anyone interested to perform/re-shoot.
    I am in Hyderabad but it's okay if I need to travel to make this song happen. Please ping back if interested to join the video re-make.

  • Padma Teja

    Padma Teja


    Music and lyrics and dance choreography excellent

  • Dev D

    Dev D

     1 months ago +29

    I'm a keralite ,Telugu is the most powerful indian language i think ,more like sanskritha slokas 🙏 😍 powerful languages comes from powerful place INDIA

  • hari rams

    hari rams

     6 months ago +45

    E video ki dislike lu kuuuda unnaaya.. ?? They are Tasteless people 😂
    I'm In love with this song ♥

  • Vaibhav


     21 days ago +14

    This is my favourite version. Telugu is a musical language and the words really pop out. Kannada is good. Tamil is okay. But this one.. boy this one I can't get enough of!! ❤️
    Love from a Malayali 🔥

  • mohammad babumiya

    mohammad babumiya

     2 days ago

    This song is very Magic full daily one time i see full day enjoy my heart

  • sona


     8 months ago +25

    Kudos 10M views..this shows telgites love towards music..where Tamil-7.7M,kannada-2.2M..