WhoGivesAShit Sex and Politics
1 years ago
Episode discusses the WNYC article from Oct 24th, "Board of Elections Admits It Broke the Law, Accepts Reforms" during the ...
5 years ago
Donate Link: https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=YZJ6KDP7UNR3E My Twitter: ...
 Shooter "Who Gives a Shit" Scene T
5 years ago
Danny Glover funny line in the movie Shooter (2007)
 Oh, I think that's an original whogivesashit soap-pro PSN
4 months ago
LIFE IS STRANGE: BEFORE THE STORM https://store.playstation.com/#!/fr-fr/tid=CUSA08487_00.
 Life is Strange: Before the Storm whogivesashit Power0fPhonix
5 months ago
13 days ago
that one night we hopped on mics for the fuckofit (p.s. jk henry you aight)
 Soul Calibur VI Sales Figures? Who Gives A Shit, I'm Having Fun Avoiding The Puddle
10 months ago
SoulCaliburVI Sometimes it's important to realize that sales are one thing, and playing the game is another -- Watch live ...
 Who Gives a Shit? - Harrison Ford kr580
2 years ago
Late Night with Conan O'Brien.
 gold jacket green Jacket who gives a shit heinkeg
8 years ago
Funny scene from Happy Gilmore.
 JURASSIC PARK RV - restoration part who gives a shit because it's completely pointless theAFICIONAUTO
3 years ago
Help me keep the channel alive thru my PATREON: https://www.patreon.com/theaficionauto FACEBOOK: ...
 Who Gives A Shit streetsolja4ly3
9 years ago
Classic Scene from The Longest Yard 2005.
 Is honey vegan? Who gives a shit?? Mu Jin Han / Fearless Mu
2 years ago
Can vegans eat honey? I don't care. And why you shouldn't either. Music: "Off to Osaka" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) ...
 Lou Reed 2003 - Who gives a shit passthrufire
11 years ago
Lou Reed on German "Morning TV". That evening he gave an incredible concert in Stuttgart with Mrs "Sweet Jane" Scarpantoni, ...
 WHO GIVES A SHIT??? tony990 a
4 years ago
My favorite line in Last Week Tonight Catch John Oliver in Last Week Tonight, premiers each Sunday at 11PM Eastern, 8PM ...
 Big Ramy Leaves Oxygen Gym - Who Gives a Shit? MuscleSportTV
11 months ago
The bodybuilding industry can be as boring as watching cum dry & a perfect example of that is the media outlets actually ...
 Who Gives a Shit News brassfasteners
13 years ago
This news team just doesn't give a shit.
 Who gives a shit Botz 1971
Best rump roast on the planet.
 Lee Evans - Who Gives, A Shit Liam Hicks
7 years ago
Roadrunner Tour 2011.
 black friday...who gives a shit? IslandZsurvivor
4 years ago
http://www.slickguns.com/product/academy-sports-black-friday-2014-ad-scans ...
 Who gives a shit!? Nick Deperto
4 years ago
A great reaction video from the movie "the Hangover" All copyright belongs to their respective owners. "Copyright Disclaimer ...
 Gringo in Rio S1E3. Who gives a shit? It's just the Olympics! Ryan Sagare
3 years ago
Sewage waste is a problem that Brazil and the municipality of Rio do not want to address. And now that the Olympics are here.
 My name is Jeff, Whatever who gives a shit !!! justfunnyshit onvideo
4 years ago
My name is Jeff, Whatever who gives a shit !!! Love the jump streets & Shooter But just thought there are to many "My name is Jeff" ...
 The Who Gives A Shit test on social media Leonie Dawson
Read aloud from Donald Roos' “Don't Read This Book: Time Management For Creative People”
 Who Gives a Shit! DeMoNiCSniiPeZZ
6 years ago
Trickshot on Querry! Haha.
 Who Gives a Shit About the Great Pumpkin?! (A Tourettes Guy Re-Dub) thatonedrewguy
7 years ago
Thanks to skull4U12, I was able to reupload the, not as beloved but still well received, tourettes guy redub of the classic: It's the ...
 Who gives a shit shortresponses
8 years ago
Who gives a shit comment parody.
 Piracy is a crime - WHO GIVES A SHIT Boysofthelake
9 years ago
This is our littler Piracy warning, now don't go stealing our videos. Just kidding WHO GIVES A SHIT... AND PLZ SUBSCRIBE IF ...
 Youtube Poop: Who Gives A Shit Anyway? kevmcallister
8 years ago
"hanks for watching" How does the quality look on this to you? I've been experimenting with different rendering settings...
 Yeah, whatever... Who gives a shit? ZeroFiveSeven
5 years ago
Your reaction to this video. I own nothing. All credit goes to Lyle McDouchebag.
 Who Gives a shit Try Xmas
7 months ago
I dont even know enymore.
 ANXIETY | Meme | Technically For AJ But Who Gives A Shit CaliforniaYeets
2 months ago
When you're not here with me, I get anxiety.
 Who gives a shit! PAPPY CAM!!!?
1 years ago
Pappy went to visit his brother at the hospital.
 Who Gives A Shit - Fortay eshrecords
8 years ago
Fortay lyrically and physically represents the lifestyle of the surroundings around him. Coming from The city of Blacktown in West ...
 A T4-TV Quickie: Obama + Islam = Who Gives A Shit?! Cyberwolf087
9 years ago
I'll let the video explain itself. Expect a new video in about two weeks tops.